Waste management can different for a lot of people.  Some like to recycle, some don't.  When it comes to discarding trash, it's always good to know where it ends up.  Finding a good garbage collection service can make all the difference.  Companies that pick up trash on time consistently will provide a sense of comfort and reliability that homeowners love.  If possible, it's smart to get at least 3 quotes before hiring a local garbage company near you so that you can compare the services and cost.

In cases where it's just a one-time pickup or hauling some debris from the house, there are specialty companies that haul junk or discard items that are no longer needed or used.  Call around to find a good local junk hauler near you before letting a neighbor or the kid down the tree haul stuff away.  In some situations, special care or disposal services may be needed to properly remove and store items to safeguard the community.

hazardous materials sign
Biohazard RemediationDumpster and Garbage Collection
Before you toss it, check the label. Hazardous items — like batteries and ink cartridges — should be disposed safely, which doesn't mean at the curb!
Electronics contain valuable metals and plastics that can be reused to manufacture new items. (Photo courtesy of Brett Rhinehardt)
Dumpster and Garbage Collection
The e-cycling law will mandate properly disposing of old electronics and sets a "responsible recycler" certification.
A Ray’s Trash Service worker stops by the curb to pick up recycling. (Photo by Brandon Smith)
Dumpster and Garbage Collection
The number of Indianapolis-area curbside recycling programs has tripled in the last five years, but participation rates from Indy-area homeowners are still lower than desired.
When getting a construction dumpster, make sure it is equipped with a gate or “door” so that concrete rubble can be wheeled directly into the container, says Owings. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Justin D. of Buffalo, New York)
Dumpster and Garbage CollectionHauling
Concrete demolition and disposal is a very physically demanding job, but with right tools, it can be a do-it-yourself project for any homeowner.
 (Photo by Doug McSchooler / Angie's List)
Biohazard RemediationMold Removal and RemediationAsbestos
A professional indoor air quality tests costs $400 on average.