Video: Why Should I Have a Jewelry Appraisal?

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Kenneth Swearnigen

Subject: Gold

I purchased a 4200.00 dollar necklace from a highly respected jeweler. Sold 21 karat gold with 2 white gold chains complementing it. Had it appraised by the jeweler . A few months later I went into the jeweler to have the necklace cleaned. Left it there for a few days , came by picked it up . It felt different from before rather light . I didn't want to seem paranoid so I left , thinking I maybe tripping. Went to texas to visit friends . Stop by a jeweler to look at a watch. Started talking and he inquired about my chain. I asked him could he clean it . He went in the back brought out the jeweler to see if he would assist me in cleaning it . He looked at the chain and said this is a nice hollow piece. I said hollow he said yes. We went on to discuss the values he quoted about 1000.00 maybe a little more. Is there anything I can do?

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