Video: Planning is Key for Interior Painting Projects

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kelly francis


Sometimes its best to paint around the recessed lights-it depends if the previous painter painted OVER them you need to go around-by taking them out,you seriously risk damaging the ceilings edges-but generally,we take the trim rings down.

Ron Kutulas


It's all about being reliable, organized, trustworthy, and extremely detail oriented. You'll find that most painting contractors don't even do any of the work themselves. They pay someone else $12 an hour to do the work and then charge you twice that cost or more! make sure you get a professional doing the work and not the cheap labor, or you might not get what you paid for! ;)

Julie Twichell


Remember to hire a lead safe certified contractor, and make sure they are containing the dust, if your pre-1978 home needs prep work before painting. You mention it at the end of the video and I wanted to make sure that people who don't view the full video still get this important message. Thanks for all your work.

B. Hobar


Was that painter painting around the high hats in the ceiling? Not good.

Steve Seidman


Do not cut in than roll, it will cause hatbanding. There is no need to make dust while sanding.

madelyn poseyoki


The light rims easily pull straight down and remain attached

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