Video: Painting Tips from a Pro

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Christine Thomas

Subject: As a painting contractor, and

As a painting contractor, and to a company who represents such, I would alter the video a bit: 1)...Move the area rug farther away from the baseboards being painted! I get that you're trying to show the color scheme, but I would hesitate hiring this painter for this reason. 2)...Drop cloth showing a different painter should be folded neatly and placed up against the base and floor. The area's not even ready to paint....blinds are even partially down. 3)... First painter's edge along to grout is not even. Should have not had him painting so close on video....give the poor guy a chance to correct it first....Also, it looks like there is already a drip on the floor...and no telling what's going to get on the black painted treads. 4)...The door knob should have been removed and door ajar to blend the paint properly. Need I go on? Nothing against the contractor....just should have been shot differently....just sayin'


Subject: Video -- Painting pointers from a pro - Greg Mrakich Painting

I noticed that in the Greg Mrakich, Greg Mrakich Painting video, none of the painters cut in properly on the floor molding, nor did they properly remove obsticles such as door knobs etc. Looks very unprofessional.

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