Video: New Water Heater Rules as of April 2015

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Greg Platten

Subject: Tankless water heater installation

Purchased an Eternity tankless heater less than 3 yrs ago as suggested by a plumber. Heater 12or1300.00. Install more than 1500.00. This plumber is now telling me I need a new water heater. Company out of business so no warranty. I would think this problem would be a plumbers risk of doing business. Now he wants 500.00 to install a new one. In the initial install there was no dedicated gas line. I thought this dedicated gas line was needed. I don't think I should pay another 500.00 dollars for install, especially since the 1500.00 did not include a dedicated gas line or any electrical work. Is this a scam. How would your Angie's list plumbers handle this situation?

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