Video: How to Stop an Overflowing Toilet

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Subject: Overflowing toilet

Aww, comeon!!! All the comments are 100% correct! Angie's List people should really consider who is making that video (on any subject). Getting bad information like this video shows would sure make me wonder if I wanted to hire someone from this list.

Sylvan Tieger


1- Lift the tank float to STOP the water. Pushing down the flapper will still allow water to enter the bowl through thge over flow tube.

Then shut the supply valve

Kathie Blair


My sound card has died so all I could do was read the emails you rcv'd. & they told me just what I needed to know. I've just finished 2 wks. of dealing w/a semi- clogged toilet in a one bathroom house & using a plunger & alot of ingenuity, saved myself @$300. I really wish I'd had the money for the plumber, though! I totally disliked the alternative, but did what I had to do to unclog the thing and now can safely flush again. Thank God for indoor plumbing!



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As the tank continues to fill, water continues to be fed to those little holes under the rim. The flapper may be down, but that doesn't stop all the water.
By the time the toilet overflows, the flapper is probably already down.

Chester Bessey ww.


If I have problems with plumbing I will certain know who to call on thank

Bob Wood


Robert (not me, I'm Bob) is correct. Turning off the valve is step 2. Step 1 is to close the flapper valve in the tank. Angie should consider getting her vids checked by real experts.

David Jay Anderson Paybacks are Heaven


This is the second "dumb" thing from your company. Please, I offered be an associate company with you, you sent back insulting emails, so, if anyone there has a heart, I am still here, and willing to do good together, if possible. Nothing personal, just trying to help.



Wrong, agree!!!
Also, to the left of the flapper is a long tall tube with a tube around it that rises, or a bar with a plastic bulb attached to the right. Pull on the them to raise them so the water quits entering the holding tank that leads to the bowl. Simpler, faster than the shut off valve - and his is loose, duh, could be a bigger problem if that breaks, been there, fixed that. Hmmm.

Sheldon Shaw


Sometimes there isn't enough time to find the knob and turn off the water. A quicker method is to immediately remove the tank lid and reach into the water to push the flap back down. This will immediately stop the flow of water into the bowl. Many people like to put decorations on the back of a toilet; try to avoid this.



re: How to stop an overflowing toilet.
WRONG. Shutting off supply valve. Water in the tank will continue to flow into bowl.
RIGHT:Quickly remove cover from tank, reach down, and push flapper down. (It's not gross, water in tank is clean and fresh). Water will immediately stop flowing into the bowl. Shutting off the valve stops water from entering tank, but any water already in the tank will continue to flow into bowl.

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