Video: How the Flu Vaccination Works

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Subject: The shot takes a some burdon

The shot takes a some burdon off of the immune system and people who get it generally experience better health. Studies have shown that people with a bun in the oven who do get the shot tend to have more healthy little-ones than those who do not get the shot. If it's working for them, it's probably doing some good for me too.



I was pretty shocked to see the video depiction of "covering your mouth" showing someone sneezing right into their hands. Current wisdom suggests sneezing into a paper tissue which you then discard, or into a clothed sleeve.

Julie Peurifoy


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Jose Orta


Do you know what actually is in the vaccine besides the actual flu virus? Educate yourself before you vaccinate and then ask yourself is this necessary. The toxic excipients or ingredients such as aluminum and mercury in vaccines are dangerous. Would you drink this stuff? Why not?



I just watched the video on the flu shots and I think it is one sided. I know a few people who got VERY sick after they received their flu shots. One person even got the Guillian-Barre Syndrome post the flu shot and has had relapses from it. This is one of the side effects and those who are advocates for these shots do NOT warn people about these side effects.

J Bruns


I think it is a big money maker. I am not worried and wouldn't waste my time.



Mercola who is widely respected calls the flu shot a witches brew of toxic elements and backs up the statement with research and citations. I am a very skeptical person and am always watching him like a hawk to see if he tips over into quackville at some point, but to his credit I have to say he convinces me still with hard evidence and sound reasoning that resonates:

The Hidden Risks in This Heavily Promoted Seasonal Routine...

I don't promote him generally but this issue generally gets one-sided treatment, as it appears to be getting here on angie's list, which disappoints me frankly.

I am not anti-vaccine and would be interested to know the negatives about Pasteur, but Salk clearly succeeded in curing Polio with Vaccination. I don't believe Mercola is anti-vaccine, but rather, like me, believes the vaccines could be administered with fewer poisons in the potion. Of course, there is also much research which shows the flu vaccine does next to nothing, you should Google that too before getting the shot. Mercola like anyone advises avoiding unnecessary treatments like that, but you don't need to take his word for it, Google other supporting evidence showing the flu vaccine does little for you. So why stick it in your arm then? (Hint: the pharmacological industry makes a lot of money from it, and spends some lobbying doctors and politicians in their offices in person. Sorry, but that's not crazy, it's a fact, ask your doctor if they've received a visit and how many times.) Best wishes to you this flu season, and I hope whatever you choose to do works well for you. You never know, I may find I'm the one that's wrong... but just so you know, it's been years so far and I'm still convinced by extensive annual reading... it's your body.



Check out Dr Mercola on line. He will explain the dangers of flu vaccines. Vitamin D3 is good to take to prevent getting the flu

Marvin L. Zinn


I totally agree with Catryna White. When I got flu shots I always got the flu that lasted about two weeks. When I stopped it, I also stopped getting the flu! But I also take natural herbs that work.
(I worked in 20 countries, where I learned that medical procedures in the United States is among the worst in the world.)

Robert Dishman


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I enjoy Scinece Fiction as much as anyone, but not this kind. Vaccines are based on the lies of Pasteur.

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