Video: How to Choose a Doctor for Your Pregnancy

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As a L & D RN + in home postpartum care provider and IBCLC, I found this article to be ridiculously short on anything helpful ...



I always hate to jump in to the fray but I would have to agree with the above comments. Recent large scale studies have shown that deliveries by non-md providers have the lowest rates of complications. That doesn't mean emergency services shouldn't be available when necessary. The underlying implication in the doctor's statements is choose a provider based on hospital and services available at all times, ie neonatal ICU. Instead what people should be looking for are practitioners skilled in both interpersonal interaction as well as clinical skill. Unfortunately a difficult package to combine. I would recommend to patients who were moving to call the birth center and ask for a few recommendations of practitioners that the nurses work with daily and who do they believe combine both skills.



This story does not begin to scratch the surface of how to choose, though it does cover a few important points. I would add: Check out the C-Section rate of any doctor you choose. Some doctors are more "knife-happy" than others. Also, choose a doctor who has privileges at and is willing to deliver at the local tertiary care center. The have to meet higher standards of practice than other hospitals. In my experience as an OB nurse, I have noticed that doctors who practice alone (not in a group) are usually not as good as those who practice with colleagues. Find out who your doctor takes call with. You may not have your own doctor at your delivery, and if they are not on call and you get a partner you hate, you are stuck with him (or her). If you want a birth plan, make sure any doctor or CNM you choose is ok with that. Communication is important. Do not ask friends to give you advice. People who do not work with doctors and are not familiar with the medical field are amazingly ignorant about the competence of doctors. Ususally, they are looking for someone who is nice to them. I'd rather have a doctor with a lousy bedside manner who knew what he was doing than a nice idiot. Ask a nurse for a recommendation.



Why do they always cover Doctors? Certified Nurse Midwives provide quality, patient centered care in a more normal and natural way. Why no CNM'S?



How about a regular pap smear for a senior citizen with medical coverage. The closes apt. I could find is in September.



I agree with Marie that this advice is merely a fraction of the things to consider in choosing a doctor and not at all specific to choosing a maternity care provider. Also many Family Physicians provide excellent, family centered care of a woman and her family throughout the pregnancy and delivery, as well as care for the newborn child after delivery. Ob/gyn's are not the only providers of maternity care.



As a long time L&D nurse, I have to say that this story is completely inadequate in giving guidance for choosing a doctor.



Please note that midwifes, professionals skilled in normal pregnancy and birth, also provide great maternity care. Many have the ability to bill insurance and medicaid. Each state is different. And their services cost a fraction of that of a physicians. Check out your options.



I agree with the previous comments; this is obviously a strategy to attract visitors rather than actually provide helpful advice. If you want to help I would advice working with a reputable group like Childbirth Connection give women the info they need.



The video would not be helpful to me in choosing a provider if I were pregnant, but it did spark some interesting conversation. I guess a midwife could provide adequate care during a pregnancy, but why would you want a midwife when you can have a doctor that spent 4 years in medical school and another 4 in residency learning how to take care of every aspect of my body during my pregnancy. I'm not sure how much training midwives have. On a personal note, Dr. Clements in Naples, FL delivered my baby and I LOVE her. She is so smart, and recently had two babies herself so she totally understood how I was feeling.



i am an Ob/Gyn and I agree that the message is very inadequate and superficial.For the low risk woman,a midwife backed by a doctor is the way to go and a birth center-out of hospital is a safer alternative than a hospital and half the cost. Chaeck out the American Assn. of Birth Centers web site. Also there is a current crisis in high cesareans for normal women who don't need them and doctors scheduling for convenience-an important thing to find out before you link up with a provider.These unnecessary operations can cause long term damage to the mother and serious complications in the next pregnancy. They also are loading up our NICUs with babies born too soon that are having serious brain development problems.This spot is far short of Standards Angie's List should have. We have been members of AL since it started and I was one of the folks who encouraged you to critically look at health care provider. If you would like me to review info. you put out on women's health,I would be glad to do so for free. If it is something I'm not up to snuff on,I'll find a friend in academia who is to help out.



I am an Ob-Gyn, and I agree with most of the comments above, especially Ruth's. One thing I should add regarding "knife-happy" doctors is that more complicated patients are usually referred to Ob-Gyns, i.e. from FP's or midwives, and thus the statistics are skewed. More complicated patients means more cesareans. And Eric, it is not difficult to find a doctor who is both competent and personable--this describes most of my colleagues.

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