Video: Home Inspections are a Tool for Any Homeowner

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jackie rengo

Subject: need rental inspection on rental

The home I'm living in renting is full of mold no storm windows other trailers have electrical problem water lines not up to code walls and windows falling out land lord won't fix or do maintain some of these homed are disgusting one renter has no furnace he refuses to put in electrical fire he won't he won't bring up to code. I hope you can help me and some of these other ppl some have no choice yet to move. My hot water heater blew up literally because he refused to fix it properly for 3-4 months dangours situation with scalding water. Went 4 days with no got water and three days tin March and 3 days in may. Water was leaking in electrical elements and wiring of hot water heater. They refused clean up of water from the hot water blowing causing wet carpet now full of mold and mildew I have asthma and allergy. Thank u if you can't help me can u direct me to who can.

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