Video: Are Drones Allowed on Your Property?

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Kathleen Homan

Subject: drones

The thought of drones flying around is frightening to me. So many things can go wrong mechanically with these small machines, the way they do with our cars. They can fall on an unexpected person, perhaps a child. Birds may fly into them, as they do with larger aircraft. Drones are becoming more of a threat to jets and other airplanes. We are now concerned with students bringing arms into the classroom. Shouldn't we also be concerned about the possibility of explosive-loaded drones targeting schools by a disturbed and enraged student? And then there is the privacy issue. The use of drones should be limited to emergency and safety situations.


Subject: Outlaw drones

To me, drones are the terrorist weapon of the future like roadside bombs in Afghanistan. Is the drone flying overhead carrying a package from Amazon or is it carrying nerve gas or a bomb? Who's to know until it goes off because at 100 feet they all look the same. Even if you know its carrying a weapon, what can the authorities do about it - call in F14's or a bunch of duck hunters? What's their response time - hours? Can you imagine a weapon carrying drone flying thru Woodfield Mall just before Xmas or over the Rose Bowl? That thought is too scary to me - Just ban all drones.


Subject: drones on property

If I ask a business to come onto my property and provide an estimate and they use a drone. That is totally acceptable to me. It is when I walk out into my back yard and there is an uninvited drone over my pool that I take exception.

Just because something is 25 feet off the ground it is no different than a person on the ground. Actually with today's technology I'd say it's worse.. The cameras allow for much better zooming than the average human can perform.

Think of it this way, If you ask a roofer for an estimate and they climb on your roof that's ok-- but If you come home and some unknown person was on your roof just hanging out or "passing by on their way to the neighbors roof" you'd have a serious problem with it and it would be trespassing. Or even better, there is a guy suspended from a helicopter with a set of binoculars looking into your back windows or even front windows-- in the past that would be creepy and the cops would stop them... But now all of the sudden it's not creepy or illegal because we call it a drone??

Patricia Finley

Subject: Drones & Privacy

I would not like to see camera carrying drone over a neighbor's house because of possible violations of my privacy.
I don't want to live my life with all my windows shuttered.


Subject: Get rid of these drones

Are they absolutely necessary? I can't believe this is so accepted in the world we currently live in. Terrorists and many cruel individuals will be able to do many bad things to us innocents. Let's not even talk about privacy! And what happens when the first drone collides with an aircraft? We used to have drones in my day, they were called remote controlled planes and had to be flown in designated areas, or else. Please elected officials, get these outlawed immediately!

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