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JD Townley

Subject: Locksmith Colorado Springs

It seems that "scam locksmiths" are still on the rise. It seems that in most of the consumers take the procrastinator outlook on finding a locksmith. On the other hand as a locksmith I get phone calls everyday with customers just wanting to ask questions. If everyone was to call a local locksmith and give them a phone interview before hiring them, they would have to hire someone full time to answer phones. I'm still not sure that that would help consumers pic the best locksmith either.

The way these locksmiths work is by jacking up the price after they arrive. When the consumer calls the locksmith call center they may not catch the "and up" or "plus labor" at the end of the quote.

I'm not sure if there really is a solution to these guys. I feel like they will always be around.

Emanuelle Vasconcelos

Subject: how much cost?

How much cost one key copy?

locksmith in college park

Subject: locksmith in college park

I think office owner and home owner should take locksmith service only from there area, which help them in trust and in emergency locksmith service too.

Ross Moore

Subject: Finding a locksmith

When searching for a locksmith check out what they are advertising . A flashy web site is no indicator of a professional service. Are they advertising service in multiple States ? Earth Google , then street view the address they post , check to see if they have an occupational license in the city or county they claim to be located in. This can usually be done online through the City or County divisions of licensing. If you can't physically locate them before the job , forget finding them when you have problems later. Ask the person on the phone where they are located , if they can't quickly answer you , you are talking to a phone service and you don't know what they will be sending out to service you ! Ask the person on the phone whether they are ( or have ever been ) a locksmith.
You have the right to know up front what you're going to be expected to pay. On certain kinds of jobs a set price may be impossible until the job is seen , however a price range ( minimum and maximum ) isn't too much to expect. No one likes surprises and I actually prefer to avoid the discomfort of having to tell a customer that a price I quoted earlier wont be enough.
Ask around , ask friends or business associates who has treated them well and performed well in the past.
Finally ask the locksmith questions , price , experience , years in business , education , insurance , references , a good professional will not mind you asking. If you feel any deception in the answers ( hesitance to give a price other than the $15 or$29 "hook" price ) or the manor in which you receive them , trust your gut and keep looking.

Andrew Casey

Subject: Locksmith Tips

Never call that 800 number you see posted all over, they will not sent a certified licensed locksmith, but some person with very limited knowledge who just cause damages, and expect you to pay for their service in cash and up front, that is just for showing up you owe them money. Find a reputable locksmith, or any other service provided thru the Better Business Bureau, or through your friends who have had good experiences with a service provider.

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