Video: 3 Noises Your Brakes Should Not Make

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Subject: Sounds like my front tire is coming off.

When ever I drive and hit certain bumps it sounds like my front driver tire is going to fall of or there is something rattling around. Also when I press on my brakes it makes a hard grinding sound. I just got new brakes, rotors, and tires on my car. It is a 2009 Ford Focus.

Don k

Subject: Noise like a pendulum swing

My car is new. I noticed that my car makes a tic-tac noise like a pendulum swing for about 2 seconds even after it stops. What is the wrong my car?


Subject: Humming noise from brakes when doing a certain speed

Hi I just replaced my rear brakes and it now makes a whistling/whirling/humming noise whenever I start cruising down the road and goes away whenever I apply the brakes. What does that mean?

Bob P

Subject: humming noise from brakes when doing a certain speed

I have a similar problem with front brakes, and the noise goes away when I apply brakes. What did you find for a solution????Hoping to hear from you. Thanks, Bob

lorraine drake

Subject: growl sound

someone hit my car and pushed in the bumper now it makes a loud growly sound should I drive it to the shop or have them tow it it is loud when I go foward

Gary Bleisch

Subject: Disc Brake squeal only at moderate pressure

New rotors & pads on all 4 wheels. Front only squeal once they get hot and only at moderate pressure. If more pressure is applied the squeal stops, I've changed pads to different material twice, doesn't matter, still squeals. "ALL" hardware is new and properly lubed during brake job, pads had ceramic brake grease applied to pad backs. They make no noise when cool, so what's up with this condition ?


Subject: What's the problem

Ok so I bought a used car today, 150k miles. Took it for a short test drive and everything seemed fine to me. Well when I drove the car home I started to notice a funny noise. I think the noise is from the breaks but I am not sure, I don't know anything about cars. So this is what it's doing, when I'm driving along and apply the breaks to let's say just slow down, it sounds normal just like every other car but when I apply the breaks and I'm coming to a complete stop, it starts making a grinding noise.

Please help. Does anyone know what this sounds like it could be?

Brent Bowles

Subject: About video

Thank you so much for the post, I wasn't sure why my car was making the loud squeeling noise when I stop,and now I do. Thank you so much for this post, it was very helpful!


Subject: Brakes

My daughter's car made what I would call a clacking noise coming from the front tires when taking off could this be the brakes done this several times one evening then stop and hasn't done it any more

Emily Schroeder

Subject: Jeep Liberty 2007

My car makes this weird grinding noise when i stop once in awhile. It's not every time which is strange. The break pedal also seems to get tight when i step on it. Nobody seems to find an issue with it because they don't hear it when they're in it it's just once in awhile. I had my breaks looked over maybe i need to do it again? Someone also mentioned a possible pinion bearing? What is that? Could that be it? I don't want to spend an arm and a leg just wanna figure out the problem.

wayne clark domine

Subject: brake noise

how about a knocking sound underneath when you step on brake? this is the sound my car makes everytime i step on the brake and my mechanic could not figure it out. i need enlightenment.


Subject: Brake noise same as above question

Brakes on a Chevy S10 truck


Subject: Breaks

I have a stick shift. So I dot use breaks that much. I am guessing tha the caliper is sticking. When I apply my breaks ther is a stone to stone grinding sound almost like the rough new breaks before the get smoothed down. However when I release them the squel for a little while ten stop.


Subject: noise

I got a car like 2 months ago and recently I been hearing a noise as soon as I hit the brakes. It sounds like it's coming from the back tire on the driver side. I took it to jiffy lube and the lubed up my brakes because whoever installed them before didn't grease the one side. Well I'm still hearing the noise. What do you believe it could be?

Jamie St.Pierre

Subject: brakes

When I shifted my car into reverse and released the brake, it made a loud clunk sound. Car hadn't even moved all that much. But I applied my brake and put my car into park to take a look and when I released it again it made this sound. I kept it in park and tested the brake, as soon as its let go clunk, what is up with my brakes?


Subject: I bought a new car last

I bought a new car last friday. Its only 11 months old and done 2200 miles. It also had a service before i collected the car. I have noticed when i press the brakes there is a quiet whirling/scraping noise. It usually happens when i press the brakes hard when slowing down quickly or to a complete stop and when braking downhill. The brakes seem to work fine and were obviously checked on the last service. Is this noise anything to worry about?


Subject: squeaks

Hi I read your comments with interest. I have replaced the pads on all four wheels in my wife's Honday Odyssey, and now it has two kinds of squeaks: one when you apply the brakes (not worried about that one) but another at low speed as the wheels go around. It seems to go away when you reach a certain speed. It tends to happen at low speeds and sometimes seems to start when you turn a corner. The pads are good and thick. I did not turn the rotors, but the only place they seem bad is on the very edge where there is a small lip. I took them apart and redid them and it still does it. What should I do?


Subject: My car is doing the exact

My car is doing the exact same thing. Did you ever figure out what it was?

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