Fall Lawn Mower Tips

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Ben Anderson

Subject: Lawn mower winter storage

1. Add fuel stabelizer to fuel
2. Scrape off attached dibris as it will cause rust during storage
3.Change oil
4.Only replace air fillter if dirty. Take air compressor or leaf blower and blow out debris
5. Do Not change spark plug unless it is worn or coroaded. most plugs are rated to perform 1000 hours.
6. Sharpen blade

John Carey

Subject: Draining te gas tank

I use an old turkey baster to drain the tank and ten start the mower until it shuts down by itself. That assures me there is no gas to go bad over the Winter anywhere in the mower. Put the extra gas from the can in the car eliminating the need to treat the gas for storage over the long Winter season.

bill krenn

Subject: Changing the oil and gas in your mower

Please give recommendations as to how to dispose of the gas and oil when changing.

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