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Our certified verification process eliminates anonymous reviews on Angie's List, giving you trusted, more credible info to make the right choice.

Why Angie’s List’s Reviews Are Trusted By Over 5 Million Members

Angie’s List has more than +10 million verified consumer reviews available for our members to use when making hiring decisions. Ensuring those reviews are verified is a top priority.

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Prohibit Anonymous Reviews

We require every member to provide his or her contact information to ensure the review is from a real person.

Prohibit Multiple Reviews

We do not allow members to submit multiple reviews on the same experience.

Member Attestation

We require members to attest that the information in their review is true and accurate based on their own experience.

No Biased Reviews

We do not allow reviews on a company from anyone who works for the company, the company’s associates (e.g. employees, family members, subcontractors), or customers offered an incentive for feedback. Additionally, Service Pros may not review other companies in the same field of work.

Alert the Pro

We alert the Service Pro when a new review posts to their company’s profile to give them an opportunity to read and respond.

Proprietary Technology

We use proprietary technology to analyze each review and flag it for internal investigation when necessary.

Internal Investigation

A dedicated team of Angie’s List employees conducts thorough investigations to ensure the reviews meets our guidelines.


Annual Audit

BPA Badge

Since 2007, Angie’s List has turned to international auditing firm BPA Worldwide to confirm our fair and impartial operations. We want to deliver you reliable information, and this annual audit provides an independent check on our internal procedures and accountability process.

The results of the audit say our review analyzing process helps to “ensure that a service provider’s participating in advertising or paid services has no bearing on the handling of reviews.” In addition, BPA auditors found that Angie’s List “follows a consistent, documented set of processes to present fairly, in all material respects, the ratings and input of the site’s members.


Reviews You Can Trust

We work hard to make sure the reviews you read are accurate and authentic. You deserve to hire smart for every job, and our hope is to make that process as easy as possible. Help the Angie’s List community grow, and make sure your neighbors know whom to hire by sharing your recent experiences working with local pros.