Everyone likes to get new stuff, but not everyone likes clutter. Knowing how to store and organize spaces can help make all the difference in a home.  Finding a professional home organizer is a great way to get more out of the space in a home or office.  It's always good to get at least 3 estimates before going with any company.  Angie's List can help locate home organizers near you and provide real reviews and ratings from folks closeby to find the right pro for the job.

In cases where there is just too much stuff in the home, local storage facilities can provide additional space for a reasonable cost.  In some areas, there aren't a lot of choices for storing items so it might come down to convenience over price, but in areas where there are multiple places then calling around will give a good sense of what to expect for cost and size.

Save yourself some money this holiday season by getting organized before shopping. (Photo by Eldon Lindsay)
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Who doesn’t love a deal? Who enjoys feeling ripped off? No one!
cleaning kitchen sink in purple gloves
Kitchen Organizers and StorageKitchenHome Organization
Kitchen organization doesn't get more glamorous than cleaning the messy, dark cabinet under the sink.
Back-to-school time can lead to disorganization, but this DIY bulletin board can help you and your kids stay organized throughout the year.  (Photo by Abbey DeHart)
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Keep your children organized this school year with a DIY hexagon bulletin board.
jewelry organizer
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Jewelry can be a girl’s best friend or her worst nightmare.
stop losing socks in laundry
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Do your socks seem to disappear with each load of laundry? Prevent mismatched socks with these tips.