Roofing Repairs

Moss and black stains on wood, siding or concrete patios can be cleaned without residual damage by using low-powered pressure washing, also known as a soft wash. (Photo by Katelin Kinney)
Pressure WashingRoof CleaningDeck Maintenance
Homeowners eager to get rid of ugly stains on their siding, deck or patio, may worry about damage from pressure washing. That's where soft washing comes in.
roof with vent
Roof Cleaning
When leaves fall and clump on the roof, they collect water. Learn how to protect your home's roof in Los Angeles.
ice dam prevention contractor
Ice Dams and Removal
Plan ahead to prevent ice dams next winter.
ice dam prevention contractor
Ice Dams and Removal
Taking a winter vacation? An ice dam, left alone too long, could make your home go south with you.
Icicles hanging from roof
Ice Dams and RemovalInsulation
Do you have icicles on your eaves and gutters, or ice collecting on your roof? Proper attic insulation can help keep frozen precipitation from building up.