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Soffit & Fascia RepairRoof
Dear Angie: My roofing contractor re-shingled my shed and I noticed nails protruding through the soffit areas on the roof. Is this right?
Furnaces & Home Heating SystemsGutter CleaningGutterWindowDoorRoof
The transition from summer to fall is a great time to get your house ready for winter. Take time now to check that your house is energy efficient and that your roof, furnace and gutters are in good condition to weather the elements winter brings.
RoofRoof CleaningAsphalt
While a professional roof cleaning removes dangerous mold and algae, does it add curb appeal?
RoofMixed SidingSolar ShingleGutter
Quarter-sized hail can travel at 75 feet per second, so at that velocity, expect some damage. Here's what to do.
WoodGutter CleaningGutterRoof
Dry rot impacts all varieties of wood. A contractor answers questions about how to identify and eradicate dry rot.