Tuxedo styles and colors

Tuxedos generally fall into the category of classic attire, and choosing a rental business that maintains a contemporary inventory can ensure everything from proper fitting to popular styling. The variety of a tux's individual components make creating a suit's look both interesting and challenging for renters and proprietors alike:

• Jackets come in many styles, including tuxedo, full dress, mandarin, cutaway and stroller coat.

• Lapel choices can include notched, peaked and shawl collar.

• Shirt collars can be worn in mandarin, wing, crosswick and spread styles.

Many recent trends show bold colors commonly replacing traditional black-and-white color schemes for extra emphasis on fun and individualism.

Other trends pay homage to the fashion of previous centuries. Bow ties, for example, make simple statements about sophistication and class. Novelty tuxedos in unique cuts and patterns leave a memorable impression and assert an air of celebration, such as for birthdays or proms.

Professionally tailored novelty tuxedoes, as well as suits made by high-end designers, can serve those with unlimited funds well. And basic black-and-white affairs in contemporary styling make good choices for men on budgets. Traditionally, grooms wanting to actively participate in supporting the aesthetics of their weddings have chosen tuxedos with colors and styles that complement their brides' gowns.

Additionally, the seasons and time of day in which weddings take place can inform colors and styles. For example, spring or summer months welcome light and neutral colored tuxes, whereas winter and evening weddings invite the use of dark and more formal suits.

Tuxedo accessories

Ties, cufflinks, studs, cummerbunds and vests help pull any suit together, but their choice can provide extra cohesiveness to a particular look.

Ties often act as a suit's focal point, and their deliberate selection can declare much about a man's personality. Bow, bolo, ascot, euro and necktie selections can assert stylistic preferences or even cultural origins. Having enjoyed a resurgence amongst Hollywood's elite, bow ties mirror the current cultural climate of a return to basics and a respect for the past.

You can also add that splash of class with some nice cufflinks and studs. Whether they're gold, silver, jeweled, basic or knotted, you can add nice accents to those French cuffs.

Great shoes also polish a man's formal ensemble. Slip-on shoes prioritize comfort, while opera shoes boast formality.

Men often face the common conundrum with formal wear: cummerbund or vest? The main goal is to cover the waist. But cummerbunds have developed quite a stigma, most likely from the stereotypes of the overweight drunk uncle at the family wedding or ill-fitting cheap prom rental. But worn correctly, you can pull off this classic look.

On the other hand, you really can't beat a good waistcoat that, when coordinated with the tie, provides a nice flash of style. Here's where an expert at a rental store with lots of variety can help you achieve the style you seek. If you plan to take your coat off, you might want a vest with a back.

Choosing bold or unique accessories often affords men the ability to express themselves in daring ways without having to sacrifice an entire outfit's primary function.

Should I rent or buy a tuxedo?

Renting a tux offers men the opportunity to follow trends without having to commit to purchasing suits that can go out of style relatively quickly. In addition, tuxedo rentals provide flexibility: A man can choose a different suit for each event he attends. If you like to stay up-to-date on trends, you may want to rent.

However, a high-end $2,000 tuxedo can still cost $1,000 to rent, so some men choose to buy, since wearing it twice makes up for the cost. A $500 tuxedo costs between $150 and $200 to rent, so if you plan to wear it less than three times, the cost might not be worth it.

Tuxedo rentals offer significant cost savings over the outright purchase of suits. You can wear a rental for as little as 10 percent of the suit's full value, and usually no more than 30 percent.

Factors like rental term length and season of use can increase prices. For instance, if you just pop in to the store in May or June, you may find the pickings slim. 

It is, however, not uncommon for businesses to offer basic rental suits for $50 and high-end suits for about $200. Given this, investing in a tux rental for a wedding provides a way for couples to save money and add a few more hundred dollars to their wedding planning budgets.

Often companies offer coupons for up to $50 off tuxedo rental. Also, if the wedding party rents all of the tuxedos together, then some companies will offer a free tuxedo rental for the groom. Considering how much a wedding costs, there's no shame in trying to get as many deals as possible.

Tuxedo rental tips

When vetting businesses for their formal-wear needs, men should inquire about the company's measurement process. Typical measurements needed to ensure a good tuxedo fit include waist, inseam and jacket size.

Tuxedos intended for use at a wedding require reservations to guarantee availability. Groomsmen, as well as guests, must plan to reserve tuxedos as far as three months in advance of the wedding. For a smooth rental process, measurements for all those involved in the wedding need to be submitted to a formal wear business to ensure uniformity.

A good rental business provides clients with everything they need to complete their look, including accessories and footwear. Rental agreements typically require a deposit. Businesses generally take care of cleaning a tux after its use.

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