What services do trophy shops offer?

If you coach a soccer team or you're in charge of a sports tournament, a trophy shop can easily become one of your favorite places. Customers in the market for an award can choose from the most basic trophy, plaque or medallion available at most shops and online services. But many shops offer much more elaborate options.

Shops often offer other services, including etching, embroidery, engraving, crystal and glass figurines, and custom framing. Some businesses broaden their services to include T-shirt design, banner and sign production, among other options. Other smaller trophy shops stick to the basics, only offering trophies and awards.

There are many options, whether customers are looking for a plaque with a heartfelt message to express their deepest gratitude, a traditional sports trophy to reward an athlete's achievements or a gag gift to mark a memorable milestone in a funny way.

Customers can do business with a brick-and-mortar shop or online service, with some companies offering both options.

What types of trophies can I choose?

There is truly something for everyone and every occasion when it comes to choosing a trophy or award. Consumers have a multitude of options and ways to follow tradition or plan a creative twist.

Those looking for sports trophies can choose from athletic figurines, baseballs, footballs and more. Of course, cars and motorcycles are popular trophy toppers among racers and car-show enthusiasts. There are hundreds of non-traditional options as well, ranging from such silly possibilities as the rear of a donkey or a pantless golfer to custom and elegant designs.

Plaques can be personalized in many ways. Trophy shops can mount virtually anything onto a plaque, from baseball gloves to photos, and will work with you to create something you feel good about awarding.

How much do trophies cost?

Trophies or awards will range in price depending on size and detail. Basic trophies mounted on marble can start as low as $3 or $4. Adding engraving or other elaboration will increase the cost, as will using more expensive materials such as gold or crystal.

The time to complete an order will vary, and it's important to confirm with the shop, but plan for at least a week for local orders, with an additional week for online projects.

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