Skin Disorders & DiseasesLandscaper and Landscape Designs
Learning to identify poison ivy should help you avoid the itchy rash.
Family MedicineSkin Disorders & Diseases
Frostbite is a dangerous condition that can develop with exposure to frigid temperatures. Learn about frostbite, risk factors, warning signs and treatment options.
Skin Care & TreatmentSkin Disorders & Diseases
People suffer from overly dry skin that can foster conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Weather can play a significant role in causing skin flare-ups.
Skin Disorders & Diseases
Find out the characteristics a 'normal' mole or skin tag and when you should seek advice or treatment from a dermatologist about a skin spot.
Skin Disorders & Diseases
Bacteria, viruses or fungi can cause a hair follicle infection called folliculitis. Learn symptoms and the best skin treatments to get relief from folliculitis.


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