Pet Cremation & Burials

What are pet cemeteries?

When humans die, unless they are cremated, they usually end up buried in a cemetery. Cemeteries offer a place to visit your lost loved one and grieve. Pet cemeteries offer the same service.

You don't have to bury your pet in your backyard anymore. Most pet cemeteries offer full-service funerals for your late furry friend — the same services offered to humans when they die.

What services do pet cemeteries offer?

Pet cemeteries offer services similar to those you'd find in a human cemetery.

Most companies offer caskets, burial plots and grave digging services.

Many also provide tombstones, burial vaults and memorial services, so you can remember your pet the same way you would another loved one.

Some pet cemeteries also double as crematories. At pet crematories, they cremate your pet and then give you the crematory remains. They also offer urns in which you can keep the remains.

How much does it cost to bury my pet?

The costs of pet cemeteries varies on what services you choose for your pet. A pet burial plot and a dug grave cost about $400 to $600. Most cemeteries also require that a pet be buried in a casket, which can cost an additional $50 to $500, if you choose a wooden or plastic casket.

Most cemeteries also offer custom crafted caskets from upwards of $4,000.

You can also purchase a pet tombstone to mark your pets grave. These can be simple, from just a name and date engravement, to a more elaborate design with pictures of your deceased pet. Tombstones typically range about $150 to $1,000.

Most cemeteries offer standard burial packages that include the costs of digging the grave, the burial plot and a basic casket for about $550 to $4,000.

Some pet cemeteries also maintain the grave for you for an additional fee of about $20 per month or $500 for a lifetime.

How do I find a pet cemetery?

Currently, there are about 400 pet cemeteries throughout the United States. If you're unsure where any pet cemeteries are located near you, ask your veterinarian for more information.

Know what you want when determining where to bury your pet.

Do you want just a simple casket and a plot at a local pet cemetery? Or do you want to add a tombstone and a memorial service?

Each pet cemetery offers different services for different prices. 

If there's more than one pet cemetery in your area, shop around for the one that best fits your needs.

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