Mailbox Repair

Mailbox Types

Mailboxes come in all shapes and sizes and include curbside boxes, wall mounts, mail slots and lock and key boxes.


Curbside or post-mounted mailboxes are on the side of the road and generally appear in rural and suburban locations.


Wall-mounted mailboxes are common in urban areas; the box mounts by the front door of a home, and the postal worker deposits the mail inside.


Mail slots are an opening in the front door. The postal worker places mail into the slot so it falls to the floor inside.

Lock and key

Post-office boxes are examples of lock and key mailboxes. Businesses often use these secure boxes, as do people who want a stable private address. Boxes can be rented from post offices on a month-to-month or annual basis.

Wall-mounted and curbside boxes also have lockable versions. Apartments often have wall mount clusters in the lobby of the building. Each apartment has a secure box within the cluster.

A variation on this design is the neighborhood cluster for homeowners. Some U.S. neighborhoods have pedestal cluster boxes where each homeowner on the street receives mail to a particular box within the grouping. Neighborhood clusters are often at the side of the road.

Mailbox Regulations

The United States Postal Service outlines rules and regulations for mailboxes in the publication DMM 508. Rules include:

Homeowners with curbside mailboxes must follow requirements on the height, distance from the curb and other details, as specified in Section 3.2 of DMM 508.

Homeowners with a door slot must abide by Section 2.1.6 of DMM 508. One regulation is that the bottom of the slot be 30 inches or more above the finished floor line.

Other mailbox regulations exist in neighborhoods that have homeowner associations. The committee determines the type of letterboxes that can be allowed in the residential subdivision and mount specifications. A homeowner association ensures the boxes have curb appeal to keep resale value high in the neighborhood.

Mailbox Service Providers

Mailbox repair service providers install, repair and replace mailboxes and the support systems of metal, wood, brick and other durable materials. General contractors and handymen can also provide mailbox services. You might also consider hiring a mason to surround a mailbox in bricks to add style and deter vandals.

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Vandal-resistant mailboxes

Mailboxes are often targets of vandalism. To reduce the need for repair or replacement, consider a box made of steel or durable molded plastic. For a curbside letterbox, use a strong material, such as metal, for the support system.

For a wall-mounted letterbox, hire a mason to surround the mailbox in bricks. Another step in deterring vandals is to obtain what's called a Label 33 from the Postal Inspection Service. It warns that willful damage to mailboxes and theft of mail are crimes.

Mailbox Maintenance

Tips for keeping your mailbox in good condition:

Conduct periodic inspections to keep up on necessary repairs. Make sure the door opens easily and stays closed when shut. Be sure the red flag stays up and that the post is secured firmly in the ground.

For any outdoor mailbox, look for insect nests and remove any you see. Trim the grass below the box to deter bugs.

Prevent mildew by washing the letterbox regularly. Combine disinfectant product with one gallon of warm water in a bucket. Wearing gloves, clean the fixture using a scrub brush or sponge. Rinse off with a garden hose.

Make sure any stick-on numbers are securely affixed. Replace with new numbers so the mail carrier can see the address clearly. Use a wet cloth to clean the box exterior before applying new numbers. Remove remaining sticker material with a small knife. Add numbers to each side of the mailbox. Smooth each letter from the center out to remove air bubbles.

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