Lawn mower won't start

There are three main reasons why a lawn mower will not start. This can be due to fuel issues, battery related or sparking problems. Conduct a few troubleshooting methods to narrow down these problems, which can often be corrected at home.

Fuel issues:

Ethanol-based fuel will gel up and clog the carburetor if you fail to empty it at the end of each mowing season.

• Fuel that is currently in the lawn mower may not be properly mixed or otherwise bad. Siphon out the old fuel and replace it with fresh fuel.

• If the lawn mower has new fuel, check the carburetor to ensure that fuel is properly flowing to it. All fuel lines should be checked to make sure they are not loose, kinked or clogged.

• The fuel filter is an important component to the proper operation of the lawn mower. If the fuel filter is dirty, missing or clogged, the proper flow of fuel can be disrupted.

• The float within the carburetor can sometimes become stuck in the lawn mower. Slightly tapping on the carburetor can free the float and allow the fuel within the mower to flow better.

Battery-related problems:

• When a lawn mower has a spark and is filled with fresh fuel and rolls over, it may mean that the battery needs charging.

• Battery cables can loosen up while sitting or from jarring that takes place during use. Make sure all battery cables are secure and tightened properly.

• After sitting for long periods of time, a battery may not want to hold a charge. This can be fixed by replacing the battery in the lawn mower.

Spark problems:

• Problems that occur after sitting during cold weather seasons may signal a situation in which the spark plug wire has not been properly attached as needed.

• If the motor of the lawn mower does not turn over, this can be a sign of a bad spark plug. Remove the spark plug, and inspect it for debris or improper gapping. Replacing the spark plug when using it for the first time of the season can help this problem.

Refer to the owner’s manual to locate the right size spark plug needed and the recommended gapping of the spark plug for their specific lawn mower model.

• If spark is present within the motor of the lawn mower, this can mean that the mower needs new points or a new ignition module. This is determined again by the type and age of the lawn mower model.

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man sharpening mower blades

If your lawn mower blades need sharpening then your might consider hiring a professional for the task. (Photo by Alessa Ammeter)

Lawn mower problems

Mower loses power: If a lawn mower is losing power while in use, this can mean that there is either bad gas in the mower or the air filter is dirty and needs to be replaced.

Lawn mower is overheating: Many lawn mower models are equipped with cooling fins and engine shrouds. If these components fill up with dirt, grass clippings and other debris, it can cause the mower to quickly overheat. Sensors within the mower will be signaled to stop the mower from running or from being started.

Won’t cut right: Blades have a tendency to become duller with each use. Nicks in the blades that occur when hitting rocks, large stumps or other hard objects can greatly affect the cut. Remove the spark plug to prevent the mower from accidentally starting, then remove the blades. They can then be sharpened, but consider hiring a professional for this dangerous task.

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Lawn mower repair

Simple, routine lawn mower maintenance can help extend the life of any lawn mower.

When storing the lawn mower for longer than a few weeks, siphon out the fuel.

Empty out any baggers attached to the lawn mower after each use.

Grass buildup and debris should be removed from the underside of the machine, blades and other areas of the lawn mower to prevent damage to the lawn mower.

Batteries should be removed if they are used within the lawn mower before storing the machine. This can help to prevent freezing and damage to the cells within the battery.

If you do not have the skills necessary to repair or maintain a lawn mower, enlist the help of a professional. This is especially important when working with the cutting blades and internal combustion components of the machine.

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Al Dominguez

Subject: Craftsmen Riding Mower loses power after 20 mins.

My mower runs well and cuts well for 20 mins or so then the power seems to die. I had to change speed to 5 get to snail crawl back to driveway.

Changed spark plug, engine oil and filter, air filter, gas filter and
I also cleaned the carburetor which was nice and clean. Can this be the solenoid? It appeared to go up and down when I tapped with finger. I even made sure the gas lines had to blockages.


Subject: Die after 20 minuets

When you are starting to experience the mower acting up. Try loosen the Gas cap. It could be vapor locking.
Good Luck

Lawn Mower Man

Subject: Al Dominguez

When you say the power seems to die down are you saying the engine slows down or is the mower wheels turning slow?

James Everheart

Subject: Motor dies after clutch disengage or pto engaged

Hi Eddie it sounds like you may have a safety interlock malfunction. I would suspect that the safety interlock for the clutch brake pedal is the issue. One half of that switch is clutch brake pedal engage and disengage for the other half. If the clutch brake is engaged the mower will die when the PTO is engaged. If you have the owners manual for your mower you can check the electrical schematic to see the switches and how they integrate into the circuit. The clutch engage/disengage interlock switch is normally near the steering shaft. If its like most it'll be gray in color and made by delta systems.
Good Luck,


Subject: Lawn tractor won't go forward or backwards?

I rode my lawn tractor to the front yard put it in neutral and engaged the brake , got off when I got back on it would not go forwards or backwards. Belts are all fine what would this be? It happened last year but the shop I took it to did not charge me as they said it was just some little thing but they have now closed there doors,

Diana Baldes

Subject: Blades are super loud

When I engage the blades the mower makes an awful noise like the blades are hitting something. Looked under and blades spin fine without touching anything. Noise is not normal. Daughter ran over a rock could part of the rock still be stuck somewhere?

Lawn Mower Man

Subject: Blades being loud

If there was something hit with the mower, it could have damaged the bearings that are located in the spindles. You said the blades spin fine, so I assumed that your mower is a riding mower. With the blades not engaged see if you can shake the blades in any direction other than spinning them. They should not move up and down or side to side.

cal calhoun

Subject: Lawn Equipment Magic

For gas engines add to the gas an ethanol treatment unless all the gas will be used in the month.

Always buy premium gas to offset ethanol deterioration, it keeps up the compression but does not cure the water issue of old ethanol/gas.

BUY "Mechanic in a Bottle" to start equipment that won't fire, and to tune-up running gas equipment.....

Above available at Home Depot and made my lawn mower and weed whacker run much better. Old gas sucks in water which destroys motors and parts used to run the motor.

Bud Hill

Subject: 4 cycle 2 hp tiller

it has a pull starter and for some reason is not engaging the engine. Apparently the mechanism that turns over the engine is not being turned when you pull the starter rope. I have remove most of the bolts involved but cannot reach the flywheel to fix it.

Rob Rossiter

Subject: Engine stops running after 45 min and will not start

This is more common than you would think. Next time it dies check for spark right away as I believe you will find that your coil is breaking down once it gets hot and it needs to be replaced. Once the engine cools down it will start right up. I have had four coils go bad this year from heat failure in my repair shop due to the use of ethanol gas which makes the engine run hotter than it is designed to.

Robert Miller

Subject: runs for two min. and then dies

I have a problem with my mower (walk behind) when I start it , its run then two minites it dies. Then when I go to start it, I pull and pull and nothing. I notices a connection where there is a contact, I think that is a maganto, could that be the culpert. It is a Craftman mower and I wonder if you have any think on that.

Sam Cullum

Subject: Lawn tractor

I can't get my lawn tractor to move forward or backwards even if I put it in free wheel. Any suggestions it's a craftsman 1000

Jacob Herndon

Subject: help

I have a Troy bilt tiller that has a Briggs and Stratton 5 HP motor on it. When I pull it to crank it, it won't even hit or crank and I checked the spark plug and it is firing and gas is going in the motor like it is supposed to what could be the problem? Can u please help?

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