Brick and Stone Exteriors

Few materials look as beautiful and breathtaking as brick and stone exteriors. Indeed, lining the outside of your home with a brick and stone layer, can turn even a dull property into complete eye candy.

When using brick and stone exteriors, you have lots of flexibility in terms of design. In fact, the arrangement of brick and stone is an art form that is completed by masons. The mason you choose to design your exterior will determine the quality of your final project.

What are Brick & Stone Exteriors?

A brick and stone exterior is essentially a home that has a combination of bricks and stone on the outside. The entire wall could be made of stone, or it could simply be a single outer layer of stone installed to add durability and aesthetic appeal. In the case of an outer layer being used, brick veneers come in handy. A brick veneer is a single layer of brick that overlays an underlying structure.

Regardless of the specific architecture, mixing and matching a brick and stone exterior is a fun process for many homeowners. You can choose from many different colors, textures, and grades to give your home a unique and appealing touch.

Pros and Cons of Brick & Stone

1. Durability

Brick and stone exteriors are among the most durable in the market. They can withstand inclement weather and wear and tear over the years, only requiring minimal maintenance from time to time.

If you’re looking for a material that won’t cause you to incur frequent costs down the line, brick and stone is a useful option to consider.

2. Customization

When it comes to mixing and matching designs, brick and stone exteriors offer endless choices. You can select from different stone colors and brick finishes to create unique patterns for your home. For example, contrasting light colored bricks with dark colored stones creates a unique backdrop on the outside of your home. You can also choose to have both bricks and stone having a consistent color. The possibilities are endless.

3. Fire resistance

Brick and stone also add a layer of fire resistance to your home. They essentially shield the interior layers of your home from fire damage, thus limiting the extent of repairs you would have to incur. In addition, bricks are excellent insulators and can noticeably lower your heating and cooling costs. 

4. Easy to maintain

Owing to their incredible durability, brick and stone exteriors are easy to maintain. They don’t easily become soiled with debris or damaged by exterior elements. This means that your home is likely to remain clean and polished over the years.


Perhaps the biggest drawback with brick and stone exteriors is their cost. Brick veneers alone can cost as much as $30-$40 per square foot (inclusive of installation). And after adding stone material and installation costs, these exteriors can be quite an investment. Brick and stone may also weather over time and end up changing color (although this may take time to be fully noticeable).

Finding a Quality Mason for Your Home

When considering a brick and stone exterior for your home or office, selecting the right mason will be key. Remember that installing such an exterior is an art form that involves proper arrangement and planning. Therefore, look for the following qualities in a masonry contractor:

  * Experience working with brick-and-stone

  * Evidence of previous projects-and-customer testimonies

  * Appropriate licensing in the profession

  * Attention to detail and to customer concerns

  * Most importantly, make sure the contractor takes time to understand what your vision is for the home.

Reading reviews from previous customers is a helpful way to know if you are getting quality mason work.  Angie's List provides direct access to real reviews online from local customers who have previously used brick and stone services.

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