Boat ownership

Owning a boat is more complicated than owning a car, as there are many more variables to consider. Let us help you find the best way to shop for, store and maintain your new boat.

Boat dealers

Whether you're a professional boater, rent a boat for recreation or pontoon on the weekend, you can find a watercraft that matches your needs.

Operating costs, storage and insurance are important considerations before you buy. Regular cleaning and off-season maintenance are equally critical after purchase.

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Boat marinas can be a great place to live, vacation and visit. Marinas contain docks for small boats and yachts.

The amenities available at marinas are one of the first things you should consider when determining where your boat will reside. Many marinas have stores stocked with boating supplies, equipment, life vests, clothing, fishing gear, bait, ice and gift items.

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Dock building and repair

Whether you're replacing or building new, you’ll need a sturdy, seaworthy dock to tie up your boat. Docks often come in two varieties: stationary docks with posts that sit on the bottom, and floating docks that extend out into the water. They can be built from wood, pressure-treated wood, composite, aluminum, vinyl and even concrete.

Just like a deck, though, you'll need to account for the type of soil the posts will be resting on. Is it rocky or mushy clay? Will it shift or erode away? Most importantly, will it handle the weight of the dock?

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