Air duct cleaning

Many HVAC repair and maintenance companies also offer air duct cleaning services, which typically cost $300 to $500.

Some companies specialize as air duct cleaners. They generally recommend having air ducts cleaned every 3 to 5 years, or even more frequently to reduce pollutants in the air.

However, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency warns that there is no scientific evidence that cleaning air ducts regularly improves air quality, and some HVAC professionals say it is a waste of money.

Yet some allergy sufferers, including Angie's List members, have reported that having their ducts cleaned has led to reduced allergy symptoms and cleaner air.

Although the EPA does not recommend routinely hiring air duct cleaning services, it does suggest it be done when there are specific reasons for doing so. This would include factors such as:

• You see substantial quantities of visible mold growth within the heating ducts or present on other parts of your home's HVAC system.

• Pests such as mice, rats or insects have infested portions of the duct system.

• Excessive amounts of dust or debris clog the duct system and release dust or debris into the home through the vent registers when the system operates.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association agrees with most of the EPA's stance on air duct cleaning with one exception -- it does recommend routine work by quality air duct cleaners every few years.

According to the NADCA, consider the following when making a decision whether or not to hire an air duct cleaner:

• Smokers in the household

• Pets that shed high amounts of hair and dander

• Water contamination or damage to the home or HVAC system

• Residents with allergies or asthma who might benefit from a reduction in the amount of indoor air pollutants in the home's HVAC system

• After home renovations or remodeling

• Prior to occupancy of a new home

Avoid duct-cleaning scams

When you hire someone to put up wallpaper or build a fence, it's easy to see whether it's a good job. But with services like air duct cleaning, there's much more risk of fraud because the homeowner can't easily check the work. A disreputable company may not have the proper equipment to do a quality air duct cleaning job, may overcharge you, may leave the ducts dirty or filled with debris and may even do costly damage to your home's HVAC system. Some companies entice you with very low offers, such as $59 for a whole-house cleaning, then pile on extra charges. 

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Extreme Air Duct

Subject: Air duct cleaning

As a company that just won the Angie's list Super service award we would like to warn customers from "cheap" air duct cleaning quotes that will end up costing much more...
Don't get tempted to $39-$49 deals you see online or in a coupon envelop.
Always check the company's record prior to scheduling an appointment. To find out more go to or call us 866-599-5992 with any question you may have.

Lenny Estrin

Subject: Air Duct Cleaning

Why professional are charging so much to their customer if the work can happen in less amount. Everyone can't afford this much costing for air duct cleaning..

Mario A Rodriguez

Subject: Poor Indoor Quality

I spent almost $3500 attempting to find the source of my poor indoor air quality and particles in the air. This has caused dusty furniture, dust on devices such as computers, desks, and PC's. Not forget the respiratory problems it has caused. I had my ducts cleaned and sealed and was told to run my system to clean the indoor air. It was awful. My house became polluted with fiberglass materials and dust. I called the service that I hired and they sent out a guy who up in the attic to check my ducts and found one that had not been properly sealed. He sealed it with Mastic that he previous workers apparently left without completing the job. I hired another company to do a smoke test and found a poorly sealed duct that leads to the return duct. I recommend a smoke test when looking for leaks in the units before doing a guessing game.

anthony paterno air duct cleaning 973 223 9883

Subject: sanitizeing new jersey

the only times to use sanitation is when thier is a fire flood,mold,,,,or unoccupied space,,,epa and the national air duct cleaning assoc does not approve normal day use,,,,,,,,,,,,,,when useing sanitation i use a commercail paint srayer,,,most companys are selling it or giving it away just to fool you, you can go on the web sites and read it for yourself,,anthony


Subject: Microban in Duct Work

DO NOT USE! This is chemical that has carcinogen components not approved by the EPA for residential use. The National Association of Ductworkers also does not recommend user of any sanitizer in your ducts. While many air duct companies will say that it is not harmful or dissipates quickly it is a lie.

Cleaning Service Norwich

Subject: Duct Cleaning

Having your air ducts periodically cleaned is always a good idea. You will benefit from less brokdowns and a cleaner system.

A great read

T Bergkvist

Subject: less allergies and less illness

We have been ill for 5 weeks. I have children and have noticed we all have been breathing better after cleaning of the air ducts.

At first it seemed to be mold, but maybe mold can come through the air duct? I do not know. All I know is that the change has been greatly appreciated.


Carol Eve

Subject: air ducts

Is a product called microban safe to use in air ducts ( vents and intake ducts) in your home and does it have lasting negative or positive affects? Thank you.

Carol Eve

Subject: air intake and duct cleaning

A company that is scheduled to clean my ducts (vents and air intake ducts) is planing on using a spray called microban to sanitize the vents and ducts. Do you know if that product is safe to use and will it have lasting positive or negative effects on the air that I will breath? Thank you

Rachel Rothberg

Subject: Air duct cleaning

Should I have the antimicrobial/antibacterial treatment done that most companies seem to offer as standard protocol? One company told me that they do not do this treatment because there isn't generally enough moisture in the HVAC system to create mold/mildew.


Subject: Sanitizing

It's 11 years plus in the industry I have only had to sanitize two systems both were slab systems that were in concrete and could be cleaned with a different method than normal duct cleaning. We were able to use water to rinse out the disinfectant. Would you use a chemical on anything else you use to eat or drink with and not rinse it off? The ducts in your home should be thought of as your homes heart and lungs and breathe the same air that you do. And just like us we wouldn't use bad chemicals in our lungs and heart. Sincerely Sean M.

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