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Sewer and Main Drains

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a "utility work ahead" sign with work trucks lined up around a sewer line repair
Sewer and Main Drains
Replacing or repairing a sewer line costs $2,500 on average, with most homeowners paying between $1,100 and $4,100. Your price will vary based on:
An ejector pump carries sink and washing machine water out of member Julia Bell's basement. (Photo courtesy of Bell)
Basement WaterproofingSewer and Main Drains
Chicago homeowners can choose from several options to prevent basement flooding, including overhead sewers and exterior flood control systems.
Sewer liner offers an affordable, non-invasive way to repair a leaking sewer line. (Photo by Steve C. Mitchell)
Sewer and Main Drains
Many of us are living in our homes longer and longer, while others are buying homes that are at least 25 years old, maybe 75 to 100 years old.
Don't assume that your insurance policy covers sewer pipe replacement. (Photo courtesy of John Ahrens)
Homeowners and Renters InsuranceSewer and Main Drains
Your homeowners insurance might not include sewer lines.