There are almost a half of million plumbers in the US alone.  Each state has its own licensing and certificiation rules for plumbers.  At Angie's List, we provide the best reviews to find and hire plumbing pros that can help install or repair any type of pipe or plumbing need.  You can see our list of plumbers along with ratings or browse plumbers near you to match with a plumbing company quickly.

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Common Plumbing Problems

Gas tankless water heater
PlumbersWater Heaters
Gas tankless water heaters work better than electric in cold climates.
Plumbing pipes
Common Plumbing ProblemsPlumbers
Warming up frozen pipes is the easy part. Finding where to do so is harder.
attractive kitchen with new faucet over sink
Common Plumbing ProblemsPlumbers
Answer: The price can range from $114 to $189. Removing an old faucet before installing the new one costs $225 to $275.
unclogging main line
Sewer and Main DrainsPlumbersCommon Plumbing Problems
Sinks and tubs average between $100 and $275 for basic clogs. More complicated projects that involve toilets or hydro jetting can max out at $400.
Toilet seat
Common Plumbing ProblemsPlumbersToilet Repair and MaintenanceToilet
Quick toilet repairs can make life easier and prevent long-term damage. But how much does the typical toilet repair cost? From simple problems to toilet flange repairs, fixes run from $100 to $200.