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Subject: class,, stlye ,,finess,,personality and safe

from the 50's through the late 70's this place hit it's peak..... I mean the cars of today just don't make me feel to good''' cause the old American cars hit a tree @ 50 miles an hr. you bent the hood or tore up the bumper.... now a day's in a car of plastic and rubber with a hint of Styrofoam u hit the curb @ 15mph an your cracks open like an egg... a ballon knocks you out and your family is all over the road..... I never thought I would see the day good ol American muscle fell pray to a 4 o 6 cyl high powered lawn mower.......dnt get me wrong some of them look good but nothing beats 3 or 2 carbs on an 8cyl all steel vehicle

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