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Subject: eye appeal garage door makeovers

Not very convincing pictures

Nellie M. Schupp

Subject: Garage Doors

Need to replace two garage doors, but require a company that would clad (wood, vinyl, etc.) the sides of the garage
and overhead; currently the wooden sides of the garage are in bad condition. Only company I contacted would not
replace the wood on sides and overhead.

Steve Waitneight

Subject: Building a NEW garage Now...have not slected door...do you just

Do you just sell the garage doors or must you also install...I think my contractor will want to install(not positive) but ZI want to slect the door....single door garage...construction starting in 2 weeks, I am NOW looking for a good decrative historic Cape Cod door....BigSteve

Sue Huntsman

Subject: Can I get a quote on new door and installment

Garage door is 18.25 X 7

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