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Subject: sunburn

I tend to mix up all kinds of home remedies. While playing around to find a good sunburn relief, I found what I think is the best! I mixed coconut oil, witch hazel, vitamin E, castor oil, and a little olive oil. Gave me the perfect cooling effect and kept my skin moisturized while it healed! You can add or subtract any of the ingredients as long as you have the coconut oil and witch hazel. Those are what I think did the trick!


Subject: relieving burns

I had fractional laser done on my face several weeks ago and it's still pretty red. It's already peeled but red remains, Any suggestions for this. I will try both vinegar and aloe and am open to any other suggestions.
Because of years of sunbathing, I have had both basel and squamus skin cancers removed. The laser was primarily to remove brown spots on my face. Had gorgeous tans 30 some years ago, but there was a price.


Subject: regular vinger does not help sun burn

when I had sunburn I tried the regular vinger thing and when I put the vinger with cool water and soaked in it for 15-20 mins and got out it did not work it just burns worst and hurts worst


Subject: Sun Burn Relief - Cream

Someone told me once to spread on cream. Similar to the milk and yogurt suggestions. I gently cover the area with a coating of cream and wash off after I start to smell curdled. Seems to work pretty well most of the time. As a natural red head I burn pretty quickly and this helps with the worst burns.

Obviously prevention is best, but sometimes you need to spend two hours in the sun and I have yet to find sunscreen strong enough to prevent a burn after two hours in the summer sun.

Audrey Cee

Subject: sunburn

I grew up on Southern California beaches and got blistered every summer. I did the vinegar on the skin bit but peeled anyway and couldn't keep zinc oxide on my nose until an old school nurse family friend told me about tincture of benzoin which did help. However I've still had to have skin cancers of various sorts removed from by face and ears. So avoid sunburn in the first place by wearing wide brimmed hats and coverups. Coolibar (on internet) carries a good line, developed for Australians who are exposed to very high intensity UV. In fact part of their motor vehicle code requires drivers to wear gloves so the back of their hands don't develop skin cancer.

Heinz Herzog

Subject: Sun Burn Relief

How about - White Vinegar - really works.....

Christie Jones

Subject: Sunburn Relief

I second both the Aloe Vera and the vinegar solutions. However, try keeping a bottle of Aloe Vera gel in the refrigerator during summer months. It is much more soothing cold.

Christie Jones

Subject: Sunburn Relief

I second both the Aloe Vera and the vinegar solutions. However, try keeping a bottle of Aloe Vera gel in the refrigerator during summer months. It is much more soothing cold.


Subject: Sunburn relief

Honey! Apply honey....wait 15 min....cool water bath or shower...... Relief from redness, pain, and itchiness.

Ramona Hyrne

Subject: Sunburn remedy

I apply ice to cool it a bit, then use a mixture of 1 quart lukewarm water, 1 tablespoon salt, and 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Mix well. Soak a cloth (I use a birds eye fabric, used for diapers). Wring most of the solution out and lay the wet cloth on the affected area for about 15 minutes about every hour or so until it feels better. It usually reduces pain and blistering. I got this remedy from my pediatrician for a diaper rash almost 35 years ago and found that it worked well for sunburn.

Bill Haunsperger

Subject: Sunburn Relief

The best sunburn relief I have found is to lather on plain yogurt as soon as possible after realizing you are burnt.
You may have to stand in the bathtub depending on how much of yourself is burned, but lather it on generously and let
your skin absorb it as much as possible until it drys on you. You can sit around on a towel for awhile, but leave it on for at least an hour. My experience has been that it soothes the burn, prevents peeling, and the burn quickly turns to tan.


Subject: sunburn relief

Apple cider vinegar

Mary Savino

Subject: sunburn

These sunburn relief methods really work well. I know from a bad experience I had many years ago with a very bad burn on my back. Full milk was applied with a cotton ball to my back and it actually curdled. Took alot of the burn & sting away. Then my mother applied an oatmeal solution followed by baking soda baths. Of course, this was many years ago and I never got a sunburn like that again, but it all works very well

Betty Anne Bailey

Subject: Sunburn releif

One of the best things to use is good old NOXZEMA.


Subject: Sunburn Relief

In my experience, nothing is more soothing than the gel from a fresh Aloe Vera Plant. The commercial gels have preservatives, and/or alcohol that stings the already burnt skin. Cut a 1" to 2" length of a leaf, slice the spiny edges off the leaf, then slice open the thick fleshy leaf lenthwise and rub over the skin. The gel is thick and gooey(like snail trails), and dries sealing in a moist layer over the skin. When the used leaf feels dry, scratch the inside of the leaf with your fingernail to relase more gell. When going on vacation to the lake, I pack aloe leaves from my yard in California, trimming the spiny endges off the leaf first, and put them in a sealed bag. they last over a week in the cooler.

I have even taken a whole plant in a pot, keeping it in the shade at lake Havasu. The aloe plant will get sunburned in the harsh desert sun. At home, I keep my plant where it gets morning sun, or partial shade, and protect it from full afternoon sun. Hope this helps someone!

I kept a plant in the house for a year, but without any sunlight, it no longer produced the soothing gel, but instead was very watery inside the leaf. So if you have freezing winters, keep the aloe in a pot outside in the summer, and bring it into a sunny window in the winter.

Janette Henthorn

Subject: Sunburn relief

The product I have used for sunburn relief and works wonders is regular Noxema Skin Creme. You just cant believe how much better the sunburn feels after applying.

Sam Duff

Subject: Sunburn Relief

Original Noxzema really helped me with a bad sunburn. Check it out on Google and you will see many others recommend it also. Although, I lightly rubbed the cream in instead of applying it in a thick layer as many recommended; this allowed dressing normally. When necessary, I would apply more to keep the burning sensation away.


Subject: Sunburn

Apple cider vinager, apply with cottonballs right on the burn as soon as possible,takes out the sting,really works well. :-)


Subject: Noxema

Another old-fashioned remedy is Noxema

Tina Bell

Subject: Sunburn Relief

Soaking paper towels in KOSHER dill pickle juice and then place the towels to the burn sight ---- this helps draw the heat out and relieves the pain. After the towels draw the heat and become warm, replace them with another soaked paper towel. Continue this process until the pain subsides. We found that this process also helps your skin from peeling. Note: if the juice is left in the refrigerator it will seem extra cold to burnt skin...however it is worth the "cold" discomfort.

Fr. Brian N. Couvillion

Subject: Sunburn treatment

Take egg whites and whip to a foamy state and apply to the burn. You can feel the heat being drawn out!


Subject: More sunburn remedies

An old lifeguard trick - swab sunburn with a cotton ball soaked in vinegar. It might make you peal, and you'll smell like you've been pickled, but it does relieve a severe sunburn.


Subject: Peeling

Peeling is a good thing. You want the damaged skin gone, and the cancer risk from the damaged cells gone with it. Any home remedy that minimizes peeling (like lotions and oils) is a bad thing.

Beverly Bailey

Subject: Sunburn

Hemorroid medicine also works well in relieving sunburn. Learned that from an ER nurse in Orange Beach, Alabama. We used a well-known brand. ???? ph. I just cannot remember the entire name.

Ada Gardiner

Subject: Sunburn Relief

Vinegar also soothes a sunburn. Add a quart to a tepid bath and soak. You will not smell like vinegar when you get out of the tub. You can also create wet compresses soaked with the vinegar solution.


Subject: Sunburn remedies

Take measures to prevent the burn in the first place. The worst sunburn I ever got was on a cloudy day so don't assume you are safe if the sun isn't beaming down on you. If you can find a lotion with palm oil it will turn a burn into a tan within hours. Take it from a redhead, protect yourself with a good sunscreen and avoid prolonged exposure. There is nothing like hearing "that's cancer" from you dermatologist to make you think about all the fun in the sun and sun bathing you have done in your life.

Sidney Ann McCollum

Subject: Sun Burn

You left the all time best remedy. Apply pure vinegar. I put it into a spray bottle. And close my eyes if I am misting my face. It cools the sunburn and helps prevent peeling. My family has been using this for over 100 years.

Peggy Lohr

Subject: Sunburn Relief

I was surprised that vinegar was not on the list to relief sunburn. It was THE staple for our family growing up on the beach. Everyday my mother would take cotton balls soaked in vinegar and lightly go across the burn. It stings for a moment and then you can actually feel the pain lessen. The smell dissipates within 10-20 minutes so you don't walk around smelling like a pickle. It's also antibacterial.


Subject: sunburn relief

Being a light skinned red head I always got sunburned and still do. My mother would use equal parts cool water and vinegar and apply, in real bad cases she would fill the bathtub with cool water and pour in the bottle and make me soak. It worked, after soaking for 15 minutes to 1/2 hour the sting would subside. The only thing is that you smell like vinegar for a while but it was worth it.


cathy m

Subject: sunburn relief

I granny used apple cider vinegar. We may have smelled like a salad but it worked.

naomi h

Subject: sunburn relief

So many helpful tips! Love it!

Floyd Branscomb Jr

Subject: Sunburn Releif

I have always sunburned BAD. Iwas told by an oldtimer in Tennessee that Apple Cider Vinegar would relieve the pain of sunburn. I'm not talking about just a sunburn, this is a sunburn where my legs and face swelled till I looked almost deformed. Anyway the oldtimer(I'll not mention his name for privacy of the family, as he has passed away), he said to soak a couple of towels for the legs and a wash cloth for the face in the vinegar and lay them across the burns, this also cools the pain of the burn. It sounds too simple to work but it saved me a trip to the ER. The only side effect that I found was the smell and then after about 3 to 4 days you would actually start to tan. The 1st time I tried this I should have been in the ER for at least 2nd degree burns and probably a few 3rd degree burns as well. Try it sometime, it really work, at least it did for me.

Carl Jamieson

Subject: Sun Burn Relief

Mix equal parts of Cortizone 10 cream and aloe vera gel. My nurse sister called it Witches Brew.


Subject: For me and my family, who

For me and my family, who used to live on the East Coast, we swear by "splashing" on See Breeze astringent (or I've also heard of witch hazel doing the same thing). It is immediately cooling (d/t the camphor?) and the effect lasts for hours. May only need to apply a couple of times a day.


Subject: Where's vinegar? None of

Where's vinegar? None of these work nearly as well as a wet rag, soaked in apple cider vinegar placed on a sunburn. You can't beat it. Takes the sting right out.

Mary Smith

Subject: Sunburn relief

My mother always used plain old vinegar patted gently all over the affected area. It works!

Ashley R

Subject: Sunburn Home Remedies

I am always amazed that no one ever mentions Vinegar. Plain white vinegar is amazing on sunburns if applied right away before your first shower. It takes the burn out and keeps you from peeling. It works better than ANYTHING I have ever tried.


Subject: sunburn

As the 4th approaches and we tend to participate in outdoor activities, this is a great tip.


Subject: Preparation H for sunburn

Believe it or not, Preparation H provides relief from severe sunburn. The active ingredient, phenylephrine, is a vasal constrictor and the product also contains a local anesthetic. We learned this from a fisherman in Myrtle Beach and used it to treat our son's friend during our vacation just last week. Sounds odd, but it works. Also, if you use Aloe, put the bottle in the refrigerator, the cooling effect is amplified. :)

Brad Yarger

Subject: 7 Tips for Sunburn Relief

The article did not mention the most important item: prevention. Sunscreen, clothing and just staying the shade are better ideas than treating sunburn after the fact. I grew up in a heavily shaded neighborhood and 50 years later I can see the difference in my skin versus those who grew up getting burned in direct sunlight. We did not wear sunscreen unless going to the beach, but 100+ oak, hickory, and walnut trees per acre provide plenty of protection. They obviously take time to grow, but planting now can help later in life and the next generation. For now, wear sunscreen and the right clothing to avoid sunburn.

Debbie Ylinen

Subject: Sunburn Remedy

My grandmother (born in 1882) always put her favorite ointment on our sunburns -- and out in the desert area of New Mexico, you can get a really good burn as a child playing outside.

I was able to find this product a few years ago via special order from Walgreen.

The product is named "Foille", and its manufacturer is Blistex Corp.

I've been using it on my own grandchildren after an afternoon at our South Carolina beaches. No matter how much sunblock you think you are using and reapplying, they seem to always get a few areas of bright pink.

Put it on, wait several minutes for absorption before you add clothing or pajamas.


Subject: Sunburn Relief

Our tried and true method is, believe it or not, vinegar. Apple cider or plain white - it makes no difference. The vinegar takes the soreness out in a few hours. Dab it on several times with a sponge or cotton ball. Vinegar does nothing to relieve the redness or peeling of the skin, but thank goodness the pain is gone!!!


Subject: Sunburn Relief

This remedy has been tried and proven on all skin types and age groups, originally recommended by a doctor.

Soak clean washcloths in Apple Cider Vinegar, wring and carefully place on sunburned skin. Let sit on skin for 10-15 minutes. This may take more time that other remedies and you will smell like a salad, but it has never failed to eliminate all pain, reduce redness, and prevent peeling. This is the only remedy that has always worked on my very pale, sensitive skin.


Subject: Apple cider vinegar works on sunburns

As a child I got severe sunburns. Nothing helped relieve the pain, swelling,and blistering, until we found out about apple cider vinegar. Nothing works better! Nothing works as well!
I've never been able to tan due to my pale skin type. Growing up in the 50's and 60's we didn't know what caused skin cancer, so I got burn after burn. I'm paying for it now, as did my father. I believe that if we had found out about apple cider vinegar earlier our skin damage would have been much, much less.
Also, white vinegar does not work nearly as well as apple cider vinegar.

Otto Tysland

Subject: Sunburn Remedies

Apply salve, ointment or creme with camphor in it. Apply at night. Burning and heat gone the next morning.


Subject: Sunburn relief

I have also used white viengar.

marilyn dwyer

Subject: sunburn

ALOE VERA plants (the goo from inside the leafs/stalks) is a tried and true relief for sunburn. Helps heal even quicker than the above. Cut a stem off, slit it down the middle and scrape the goo out and into a bowl or container. Can keep covered in the fridge for a few days. Smear onto skin. Can stain clothing. (learned this after sunburn in Florida)

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