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Roger Mose

Subject: Regular furnace maintenance

Regular furnace maintenance is so high on this list. Just like keeping your car running smooth, it need regular work! To keep from waking up really, really cold one morning, keep the maintenance on your furnace on your check list for every year. Smart homeowners do!


Subject: ditto

Phil, I've heard the same thing. I think the practice is either outdated or maybe was never a good idea in the first place.


Subject: Actually, I've been told by

Actually, I've been told by my HVAC maintainer that closing off vents is a big no-no. It puts undo stress on your system. The utility company also said not to do it as well since systems are bought and sized according to the space needed to heat/cool. If you close off vents/rooms, you're not operating your system efficiently.

Direct Flo Heating and Air

Subject: Closing vents

Closing vents down is not advisable. The correctly sized duct system is designed to match the equipment manufacturers design specs. It can have an adverse effect on the systems overall performance.

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