Outdoor Living Basics

Today, many individuals are taking their home decor and living spaces outside. Outdoor living can consist of designing and creating unique outdoor spaces through construction or landscaping projects - from staining decks to building a koi pond with a cascading waterfall we've got you covered. Homeowners are building outdoor kitchens and fireplaces for entertaining purposes, while others are installing unique lighting concepts to reveal the beauty of their yardwork at night. Whichever project you decide to tackle, Angie's List is here to help you figure out the best way to begin transforming your outdoor living space. 

lakeshore landscaping with riprap stones
Landscaper and Landscape DesignsDock Building and Repair
Selling your lakefront property? Invest in shoreline landscaping to get more for your lake house.
A landscaped lakeshore
Dock Building and RepairLandscaper and Landscape Designs
Nothing says “living the dream” like owning a lakefront property. But owning it isn’t enough to maintain it and to enjoy it to the fullest. You need to landscape your shoreline.
man tendin a steak and vegetables on a grill.
Charcoal GrillGas GrillInfrared GrillRotisserie GrillGrill
Each year thousands of Americans are injured while preparing food on backyard barbecue pits, gas grills and outdoor stoves.
prepping gas grill for winter
Gas GrillGrill
Get your gas grill ready for the summer cooking season with these cleaning and maintenance steps from highly rated gas grill repair pros.
peppers for vegetarian grilling
GrillCatering and Chef Services
These creative grilling ideas will satisfy both the vegetarians and meat-eaters at your cookout.