Outdoor Living Basics

Today, many individuals are taking their home decor and living spaces outside. Outdoor living can consist of designing and creating unique outdoor spaces through construction or landscaping projects - from staining decks to building a koi pond with a cascading waterfall we've got you covered. Homeowners are building outdoor kitchens and fireplaces for entertaining purposes, while others are installing unique lighting concepts to reveal the beauty of their yardwork at night. Whichever project you decide to tackle, Angie's List is here to help you figure out the best way to begin transforming your outdoor living space. 

Once you decide on a space for your home gym, there are considerations to be made for equipment, and how large the gym can be, says Pillow. (Photo courtesy of Moss Building & Design)
Fitness EquipmentPlayground Equipment
Sports are fun and helpful.
Outdoor basketball court with Air Jordan logo
Playground Equipment
If you want to install an indoor or outdoor concrete basketball court, you can estimate cost.
playset, swingset
Playground Equipment
Customers allege the jungle gym wasn't the color they ordered and that bolts were missing from the unit.
Treehouses aren't just for kids. Builders can customize an adult treehouse that can range in size and scope, having everything from windows to electricity. (Photo courtesy of Tree Top Builders, West Chester, Pa.)
Playground Equipment
Looking for unique treehouse designs?
view from bottom of basketball goal
Playground EquipmentConcrete Driveways
Shoot some hoops in your own driveway with a portable or permanent basketball goal.