Outdoor Living Basics

Today, many individuals are taking their home decor and living spaces outside. Outdoor living can consist of designing and creating unique outdoor spaces through construction or landscaping projects - from staining decks to building a koi pond with a cascading waterfall we've got you covered. Homeowners are building outdoor kitchens and fireplaces for entertaining purposes, while others are installing unique lighting concepts to reveal the beauty of their yardwork at night. Whichever project you decide to tackle, Angie's List is here to help you figure out the best way to begin transforming your outdoor living space. 

Fences have both practical and have an aesthetic value, but a badly conceived fence can be an eyesore and a source of conflict with neighbors. Keeping your fence properly maintained can help prolong its life span.
Chicken coop fence
FencePetPet Area
Chicken wire rarely looks this good
dog lying down
Pet TrainingPetFence
Cats, dogs, ferrets, hamsters and everything in between — whatever the species, pets are naturally curious creatures and want to explore the great outdoors.
wild rabbit
Tired of unwanted, four-legged visitors coming to your garden? Keep bunnies away with these common methods so you don't have to share your summer bounty.
Animal Removal and Wildlife ControlFenceWildlife
Coyotes, wolves and other predatory wild animals can be a deadly problem for pets that consider your backyard their play space. Learn how to keep them safe.