Don't Let Winter Steal Your Valentine

Indianapolis, Ind. (Feb. 13, 2014) - Romance is about to be put on ice in the South and East Coast as snow and ice threaten to keep flower delivery trucks from their annual convergence on one of the biggest days of the year for the flower industry.
Predictions of romance delayed are so bad that in a tongue in cheek message to his constituents, Georgia's Oconee County Sheriff Scott Berry declared a "No Valentine’s Day Zone" to give cover to anyone whose romantic overtures will be delayed by weather.
Angie’s List reached out to some of the highly rated florists who are in the No Valentine’s Day Zone to find out how they’re dealing with the weather.
In general, florists reported they were primarily concerned with driver safety but still hoping to get the flowers out on time and in good shape. Some had delivered ahead of the storm and nearly everyone was calling customers to alert them to potential delays.
In some cases, customers asked to shift delivery locations to home instead of work, anticipating snow days tomorrow. Florist say many customers were generally happy to get the warning and not upset about delayed delivery.
For those concerned about being empty handed on Valentine's Day, Angie’s List recommends going old school if you have to with construction paper and a heartfelt message with a gift certificate for a service that might say even more than flowers. Of course Angie's List recommends checking local reputation before actually hiring those service providers.
Angie’s Tips to Avoid the “Your Flowers Got Delayed” Valentine Let Down:
  • Hire a housecleaner. This isn’t the most romantic option, but it might be the most appreciated. Whether it’s for a one-time cleaning or for service throughout the year make sure you ask the housecleaner about their rates and proof of insurance.
  • Massage therapy. Go online and book a massage for two. You’ll have something to look forward to when the snow finally melts and you can leave the house.
  • Tickets to a game or event. You have front row seats to the Olympics thanks to your comfy couch and big screen TV. Why not talk to a ticket broker and get front row seats (or seats in the nose bleed section if that’s what your budget allows) to your beloved’s favorite sports team or concert. Before you buy tickets, find and review the terms of sale or terms of service information on the broker's website.
  • Dance lessons. It takes two to tango, so find the greatest dance instructor in town and buy your sweetie a lesson or two. Commit to finally learning that Salsa, Waltz or Electric Slide. Maybe even do a little practicing before your lesson with your Valentine as the snow falls outside. How romantic!?
  • Errand service. We all need a little help getting those tedious tasks done and once the snow and ice disappear, who wants to catch up on errands like picking up dry cleaning? Check to see what you’ll be paying for. Will you be charged for gas or mileage? Arrange for your service provider to pay for your goods with an alternate form of payment and/or bill you for these costs along with their service fees.

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