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ASavATree DC Metro & VA
Had two large oak trees pruned and deadwood removed.  Trees look great now.  Has really cut down on sticks and branches in yard after storms.
- Elizabeth B....
ARomeo's Tree Service Inc
The work crew arrived early but that was not a problem.  I reviewed all work being accomplished and discussed a few possibilities with Romeo who arrived with the crew.  He stayed the day, directing workers and doing some of the tree trimming himself.  I had two very tall trees removed and chipped, several trees pruned and one very tall tree topped.  The crew was very considerate, cleaned up after themselves and even blew lots of the fallen leaves into piles for clean up later.
- Roberta P....
ASavATree DC Metro & VA
My initial call was returned promptly.  The estimate appointment was made for the day requested.  The estimator arrived on time, was knowledgeable, professional, took his time reviewing the work to be done and provided an on the spot price.  The work could not be scheduled for a specific date but he said they would call in 2 weeks to firm one up.  Two weeks later he called and scheduled an exact date.  The workers showed up on time, worked hard, performed the work, cleaned up the yard and asked me to review everything before they left.  The trees looked much better than I expected.  Two days later another worker came out and ground out the stumps.  I couldn't have had a better experience. 
- Becky B....
AThe Davey Tree Expert Company
The Care of Trees has done (3) large tree pruning, trimming and removal projects for me.  I manage a portfolio of large, multi-family assets, each with 20+ acres of landscaping.  Since the cost is $20,000 - $50,000, the projects need to be put out for bidding.  Typically, The Care of Trees is not the cheapest bid (but not the most expensive either) but it is the most thorough and has the most inclusive scope.  They are professional, punctual and honestly...a lot of fun to watch.  It's kind of like having a private Cirque Du Soleil show. I would highly recommend this vendor for any tree project. 
- Mendowa J....
We first used Artistic Tree Experts in 2005, to remove 5 very large trees on our property that were damaging our foundation/dying; and also to prune a massive oak tree on our property. We got bids from several tree services but not only was Jeff the most prompt and courteous, he gave us an excellent price and his references (which we did check out) were stellar. The price including the tree removal/pruning as I've mentioned above, as well as the grinding and hauling of mulch. Because we had such a great experience with Jeff, this year, when we needed a tree trimmed, we called only him. Sure enough, he returned the call on time, gave us a great price again, and finished the job promptly and beautifully. In addition, when we asked for a copy of his insurance, he not only showed it to us, but gave it to us to hold on to while the job was being done (the first time). That speaks volumes for the level of trust he inspires!
- Shonali B....
ABrennan's Tree Service
Brennan's Tree Service is outstanding. The best small business I've seen in over 20 years in this area. This is the fourth time I've used their services and I use them exclusively because of the quality of work, the competence of the crew, customer communications, and value for the cost. I needed some extensive tree pruning in my backyard and wasn't quite what that needed to look like. Shane Martin and then the crew chief, provided great recommendations and explained them to me, and the results are better than I expected. The value for the price was exceptional as well.
- Tom F....
Lots of unexpected scheduling issues (beyond their control) and when they came they were done in 1.5 hours and it was great!
- Willy C....
ABig Steve's Tree Care
The Big Steve's team did an excellent job. Very professional. They did exactly what we requested and cleaned the area afterwards. It was easy to get an estimate and they were competitively priced. We would hire them again.
- Liz F....
AAppalachian Tree Co Inc
Had 3 trees that were growing too close to my house and my neighbors house. The guys from Appalachian quickly pruned the trees so they were not so close to my house or my neighbors. They disposed of all the branches and I'm very happy with the results.
- Brian T....
AHes Company LLC
good price, easy to schedule, and the workers arrived on time and did a great job pruning and shaping the tree.
- Peter R....
AGreen Vista Tree Care
Excellent service. Very competitive prices and worked was performed as discussed. Wiley was very helpful in figuring out what needed to be done. A+
- Grace J....
AGarcia Tree & Lawn Care Inc.
Well satisfied subject to seeing the trees once leaves back. Seemed both professional and experienced and very eager to satisfy. Intend to use again for other landscaping work. Recommend.
- Louis D....
Julio was great. Very good to work with. Did the work as expected. Cleaned up the debris. And sent pictures to me at work after he was done.
- Joyce D....
AAAA Tree Service
Excellent. 2nd time for this crew at my house. Great job, asked for specific instructions, worked quickly, cleaned my yard and branches that fell into neighbor's yard. Price was reasonable and I will hire again.
- Sally T....
AJewel Landscape ,Tree and Construction Service INC
Bob was very professional, his service topnotch. Will continue to use company for other tree pruning and  landscaping services.
- Ashante H....
AGreen Vista Tree Care
I received an estimate from Wiley Holland, Green Vista’s estimator, who spent considerable time explaining my options and how they would do the work while protecting my recently over-seeded lawn. Confident that they would protect the lawn, I chose Green Vista to perform the work. Their estimate was also less than the other two estimates I had received to have a huge multi-trunk maple tree beside my house removed and a smaller maple in the front of the house pruned. Wiley and a crew of 7, plus several large trucks, appeared at my house 3 days later, before 8:00 AM, to perform the work. A bucket truck was used to prune the front-yard maple, but we decided that the bucket truck was too heavy (30,000 – 40,000 lbs.) to drive across the somewhat soft lawn to be used on the side-yard maple tree. Wiley left to perform other estimations, and the crew got to work. The trunk of the large maple had roughly a “figure 8” cross-section with a circumference of about 14’. The main trunk split into 4 smaller trunks about 10’ off the ground, and these smaller trunks soared to over 80’. A single climber took about 6 hours to completely remove this tree, with a few other workers hand-carrying the limbs and branches out to the chipper as they fell. When the cuttings involved logs too large to hand carry, they used a small tractor to carry the logs to the truck after first laying a temporary road of yard-protection mats from the street to the side yard as previously agreed to. The remaining stump was cut as close to the ground as permitted by the chain saw. The entire job, included deep pruning the smaller maple using the bucket truck, was completed in about 7 hours. The work crew did a great job of cleaning up all debris from the lawn before leaving and even used rakes and a leaf blower to fluff up the grass that had been flattened by the yard-protecting mats. You could hardly tell that they had been there. Green Vista was able to schedule the work within a few days of the estimate, did the job for a competitive price, performed all work agreed to, and avoided any damage to the lawn. I was very pleased with the entire process and would definitely use Green Vista again.
- David F....
AHes Company LLC
Very nice results - the tree aesthetically shaped. All the debris chipped and removed. The work area and the street (where the chipper was operated) all left very clean. All-in-all -- very professionally done!
- W. L....
AVirginia Tree and Landscapes LLC
I was very pleased with Anthony and his team. Anthony came out to look at the work right away and was also able to fit us in quickly to complete the job. He made many recommendations as to what trees needed to come down and which just needed some cleaning up. He is extremely knowledgeable about various tree species and made additional recommendations about moving some small trees we have to another spot. The day deal was fairly priced and much much less than another quote i received for same work. I would hire him again.
- Jenn V....
ATyson's Tree Companies, Inc.
We have used Tyson's Tree Service a number of times before working with Leroy Baxter and he has always given us good advice and guided us to how our trees should be trimmed.  They are always timely, very polite and do a great job of cleaning up after the work is done. 
- Leslie B....
AAbsolute Tree Inc
Very well -- the workers were quick, efficient, asked me for my preferences and made sure I was happy with the service. The guys are fearless, climbing big trees with chainsaws! Ashley was a pleasure to deal with and was quite responsive over the phone and on email.
- Emily H....

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Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: They did great! I had very specific ideas of what I wanted done and the gentlemen doing the work were very cooperative with the suggestions. They efficiently cleaned everything up once they were done. It was about 3 weeks from the time of getting the estimate to getting the work done. Given it is spring and probably their busy season, I felt that amount of time was reasonable.
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: Excellent service. Very competitive prices and worked was performed as discussed. Wiley was very helpful in figuring out what needed to be done. A+
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: It was fine. They came and give an estimate and did a good job.
Recent Review: Excellent job. Professional assessment. Sufficient staffing. Full cleanup.
Recent Review: They did excellent work. They arrived on time, did a beautiful job on trimming my tree. They removed all the debris. You couldn't tell from the yard, that my tree had been extensively trimmed. The work they did was so good, that a neighbor remarked on it and asked for their information. I've used them in the past and had the same wonderful service. I would recommend them.
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: We contacted Richard's for an estimate on the pruning of a large Silver Maple tree in our front yard.  The tree had gotten very overgrown and had damaged limbs from previous storms.  The estimate was completed as promised and we considered other contractors.  The approach of Hurricane Irene made us very nervous about the tree.  So we contacted Richard's to see if they could come out a few days before the storm to complete work.  They were able to accommodate the request.  Neither my wife or I could be present when the work was done.  When we got home that evening, the tree was trimmed up and all the debris was removed.  In fact, it was hard to tell that any work had been done because the ground under the tree was completely clear.  All the dead and dangerous limbs were removed and the tree look much better.  They left a detailed invoice tucked in the front door. We paid by credit card and mailed the invoice back in.  The tree survived the storm with no problems.  We are satisfied.
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: Everything went very well. The company was very responsive in letting us know when they would be out and the guys showed up on time. They worked quickly and cleaned everything up. The trees look good and we're happy with the service. We would use them again.
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: The work crew arrived early but that was not a problem.  I reviewed all work being accomplished and discussed a few possibilities with Romeo who arrived with the crew.  He stayed the day, directing workers and doing some of the tree trimming himself.  I had two very tall trees removed and chipped, several trees pruned and one very tall tree topped.  The crew was very considerate, cleaned up after themselves and even blew lots of the fallen leaves into piles for clean up later.
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: Green Future responded to my inquiry on the same day and came out to give us an estimate within a couple days. The estimate came in quickly and was very reasonable. The coordination of the work was simple and easy. The guys arrived a bit earlier than expected which was perfect for us. They did a fantastic job on our trees and were very mindful of a neighbor whose yard needed to be carefully guarded. They were experienced, friendly, and professional. I will be using them again in the future and would highly recommend.
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: We live on a farm surrounded down a dead-end dirt road, and we have many very old trees. Some needed to come down, and some needed trimming. Gordon (whose father started the business decades ago) is incredibly knowledgeable about the care and maintenance of trees, and he and his team were the most professional service I have had the pleasure of working with. His pricing was the best I have seen and very very fair. This started with a large tree limb on our roof, and Gordon's team ended up removing multiple trees (3-4), and pruning about 8 more (they used ropes and we had several trimmers 20 or more feet in the foliage). When I say pruning - I mean some of these trees are very old and massive - with very large limbs that needed to come down. They also removed several very large (20 feet wide) bushes. One huge bush had a root structure that was massive, but Gordon had a stump grinder as large as a truck wheel and BOOM - it's was all gone in a jiffy. Numerous farmers passing by stopped by to share their amazement at how efficiently and how quickly Gordon's team worked, with one saying "by lunchtime your property looked like a hurricane came through, and by dinner there wasn't a single branch or leaf anywhere!" Gordon's team were all super polite, and except for a short lunch break, worked straight from 09:30 until about 5PM. I was amazed at how much got done in one day, and I will definitely have Gordon and his team back. I shared Gordon's number with multiple interested neighbors. One older "seen everything" neighbor farmer saw how much was done and said "so how much did you pay for all of that"? (with a little smile; think he was preparing to shake his head and chuckle the way folks do when you pay a LOT).. when I told him the total bill, his eyes opened and he immediately asked for Gordon's number. Wow... I impressed an old farmer... ! Hire Gordon; He will exceed your expectations.

Tree trimming and pruning services help homeowners maintain a neat and safe yard throughout the year. An overgrowing tree may cause damage from falling branches or other dead parts. Such trees may also grow into the walls or windows of your home and become a nuisance to daily life. But with nearby professional tree trimming, you can cut the tree to a safe size to avoid any risk factors.

What services do tree trimming companies near me provide?

During tree trimming, a professional service will typically prune large branches, cut off dead or infected parts of the tree, control roots that are affecting your home’s foundation, and even sometimes fell the entire tree if necessary. Some tree trimming services can also carry out stump grinding, thus removing stubborn tree stumps from your yard.

How much does tree trimming near me cost?

Most tree pruning services cost between $250 to $500.

The final cost will depend on the size of your tree, accessibility, and tools that will need to be used. For example, trees near power lines may cost more to prune than those that can be easily reached using a ladder. In most cases, trees that are 30 feet or shorter will cost $75 to $450, while trees that are between 30 to 60 feet will cost anywhere between $150 to $875. If you need branches to be cut and removed, the cost will vary between $9 to $15 per foot.

Some homeowners may choose to prune their own trees, which can result in further cost savings if done correctly. A hand-held pruner typically costs $40 to $50 to hire.

How do I hire the best tree trimming services near me?

When hiring, look for a tree trimming business nearby that is within your area. Searching locally allows you to save on costs, enjoy timely services, and even access discounted rates. Obtain three quotes for a competitive price. Also make sure the tree pruner is familiar with your desired goals and they should provide an accurate estimate before any work begins. Be sure they are licensed and insured.

Getting your tree professionally trimmed can help you save time while ending up with a more beautiful tree. Professional pruners use advanced equipment to get to all branches and cut away any stubborn parts.