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ARK Trapping
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Excellent! Bert is very knowledgeable, explains the process and was diligent in doing everything he said he would. And the squirrels are gone!
Veteran Pest & Wildlife Services
angies list certifiedAngie's List Certified
Award 2018Super Service Award
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Recent Review: This is a company that exhibits all of the best qualities one could hope for in a service provider - quickly assessing the extent of the damage; recommending a plan of action to address only necessary actions (not up-selling expensive, unnecessary steps); competently, promptly and reliably performing the services; and exercising great care and integrity in the performance of services. An adorable black squirrel that had become a source of joy to our family decided to try to try to move into our house. We were very attached to the little fellow, but did not appreciate the holes that he was gnawing in the wood trim or the tears in our window screens that he was creating with his little squirrel claws. We also feared that he would find his way into the attic and start chewing on electrical wiring. With great sadness, we knew that he needed to be relocated before further damage was done. We called a couple of companies recommended on Angie's List that came to the house, and, without fully assessing the extent of the damage caused by the squirrel or determining whether or not the squirrel had entered the attic, they recommended attaching gutter guards, which would have been expensive and would not necessarily have solved the immediate problem. Then we called on Veteran Pest & Wildlife Services. The owner showed up promptly, took pictures of areas where the squirrel had been spotted, determined that the squirrel had made its way into a soffit box, but not into the attic, and proposed a very reasonable, targeted solution. He and his associate set a trap for the squirrel and, once trapped, took great care to relocate it to another area where it could safely find another home. They subsequently repaired the damage that the squirrel had caused to the soffit box and roofing at the top of our 3-story house. I would highly recommend this company for anyone looking for a reliable, humane and reasonably priced solution for wildlife removal and related damage repair.
Critter Control
Recent Review: Used Critter Control in March 2009. They didn't trap any squirels but sealed up probable entry points. Heard activity in the Attic in March 2010. Called Critter Control, technician could not find any entry points so said there wasn't any squirrel activity. Technician only went up on the roof and the attic garage, did not go in the house attic. I went up in the house attic and there were animal droppings all over and saw two squirrels in a nest. Called Critter Control and set up an appointment. No one ever showed or called. Very poor service and I would not recommend them to anyone.
Animal Control Solutions, Inc
Business Description: Removal of Nuisance Wildlife Animals including Squirrels, Raccoons, Bats, Birds, Raccoons, and other types of pest animals.
Va Wildlife Removal
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Excellent job, very professional. They went above and beyond to help me. Always kind and explains everything to me. Highly recommend them!
Pesky Varmints, LLC
Business Description: Pesky Varmints, LLC serves the Northern Virginia area by providing professional animal and wildlife control services for home owners and industrial and commercial clients. We strive to provide control services in the most humane and environmentally responsible way possible. We are animal lovers who take wildlife control seriously and therefore require all of our technicians to hold a Nuisance Wildlife permit with the state of Virginia. Pesky Varmints offers animal control and animal removal services for the following animals: Bats, Beavers, Birds, Fox, Groundhogs, Mice, Rats, Moles, Opossum, Rabbits, Raccoons, Skunk, Snakes, Squirrels, Chipmunks and Vole. If your varmint is not listed here please call or email us Pesky Varmints is fully licensed and insured.

Reviews of Squirrel Removals In Your Area

AAdcocks Trapping Service...
Their servicemen behaved quite professionally, were prompt, and kept me informed every day as to the number of squirrels captured.  I particularly liked the fact that the squirrel removal fee was independent of how many squirrels would be caught.
- Lennert T....
AAffordable Pest LLC...
They were very responsive and came the next day.  The technician found evidence of squirrels and set a trap.  He can back the next day and there was a squirrel in the trap.  He set it again and the next day another squirrel was there.  He set it one more time and a third squirrel was caught  the next day.  With that, he worked on sealing up the entrance places that the squirrels were using to get into the attic.  It worked, no more squirrels!   We were also very pleased that the technician was very humane in the treatment of the squirrels.   Each time he drove the squirrel to another part of the county and released it.  We have had no squirrels since then and are very pleased.
- Alice J....
AThe Master Trapper Inc...
Mark from Master Trapper set squirrel traps, caught and released one squirrel that had gotten into my home, and repaired a hole in the gable that allowed the squirrel in. He was very professional and personable, and performed high quality work. I'd definitely hire him again if needed.
- Adam B....
AEnvironmental Pest Control...
Squirrels got trapped inside of the screen, so I called for a return visit. However, the squirrels found a way out themselves. Problem solved!
- John C....
AAdcocks Trapping Service...
Set out traps to trap a squirrel that was in my home.  After checking all of the rooms with doors, we closed all those rooms off.  Unfortunately, the squirrel was in one of the rooms.  I called back and they removed the squirrel and sprayed a strong air freshener.
- Nancy P....
ACritter Control of Northern Virginia...
It was an efficient process. They removed the squirrels from my attic. The trapped squirrels on my roof and sealed the entrance stopping the squirrels from entering my attic. They did a very good job. My only concern is the price.
- Charles A....
AInnovative Ward Pest Control...
Ward Pest Control sent out technicians to place a squirrel trap and instructed us to call if we found a squirrel in the cage the next morning. We did, so they sent out a technician to retrieve the squirrel and place another empty trap. We continued like this until the cage remained empty for several days in a row. In all, they removed 5 squirrels. Although the squirrels' entry point seemed obvious, one technician diligently searched the attic for any additional entry points and located one. All the technicians arrived when they said they would, and all were friendly, polite, and helpful. When the work spanned the weekend, one technician offered his cell number and said he would come out and remove a squirrel if need be on his day off. We were very pleased with the work that Ward did for us, and we would highly recommend them.
- Victoria S....
DVa Wildlife Removal...
First time provider charged $458 to put up a squirrel excluder, the next day the squirrel chewed a hole right next to the excluder.  Second visit the provider put up another excluder for $200, later put a piece of sheet metal over the piece of trim the squirrel came through.  Now the squirrel is coming through the soffit vent.
- James C....
AARK Trapping...
Excellent! Bert is very knowledgeable, explains the process and was diligent in doing everything he said he would. And the squirrels are gone!
- Jeff F....
AAdcocks Trapping Service...
My husband had tried valiantly to trap squirrels that had gotten into our attic, but after trapping three of them, we were still hearing noises in the attic! We searched on Angie's list for a service, and decided to go with Adcock's. they were prompt, professional, and we learned a lot about squirrels from them! They took care of the squirrels, which took several weeks. They checked back with us on a regular basis. When they (and we) were sure that all squirrels were gone, they repaired the damage, including an effective barrier to keep them out.
- Joni B....