Top Roof Inspectors Near Ashburn

Metro Gutter And Home Services Inc
Award 2017Super Service Award
Recent Review: It went well.  The inspector said I had a couple more years before having to worry about a replacement.  Because of his honesty, I will probably use them when it's time to replace it.
Katchmark Construction Inc
Recent Review: There were many code violations and contract violations, as found by a highly rated roofing inspector. Also, they damaged six of our brand new windows, our gutters, and our siding on three sides of our house, even though we were promised such damage would be avoided. They started the job long before the skylights were scheduled to arrive.
Apex Roofing Contractors Inc
Recent Review: They were prompt and very affordable. Conducted a tune-up of my existing roof, which the home inspector pointed out were missing a few shingles.  Made the sale of my home that much easier, with Apex making sure the roof was ready to go for another 5+ years.
Exterior Medics
angies list certifiedAngie's List Certified
Award 2017Super Service Award
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Recent Review: It went great! They were lightening fast and on the hottest day of August to boot! Zach made sure that we were taken care of every step of the way and made working with our insurance company a breeze! He even found more damage than the inspector did and helped us get more on the coverage! We love our new roof! Exterior medics are a class act! I highly recommend them to anyone!
Northern Virginia Roofing Co
Recent Review: The inspector notified us that he would come during the day when we weren't going to be home and leave us a write-up. There was no write-up that day and no further contact. We assumed that everything was OK with the roof. It turns out there were missing shingles and the condition deteriorated until we had a leak during a rainstorm. Fortunately our damage was not serious.
Larkin Remodelers LLC
Recent Review: I contacted Larkin after finding loose shingles in my yard after a severe thunderstorm. Derek Larkin met with me, and brought a team to climb up on the roof to inspect the damage. Other roofing contractors I contacted just looked at the roof from the street and said "yep, you need to replace it." None of them would go up on the roof to inspect it. Derek explained to me in detail what was going wrong with the shingles from wind damage, and showed me pictures from the roof so I could see up close. They also marked all the loose shingles with chalk so I could see it from the street level (I don't do ladders!). After assessing the damage, he recommended I contact my insurance company, and offered to work with me and the insurance company to ensure they fully understood the damage. On the day the insurance inspector came out, Larkin had a team here with ladders to go up on the roof with him. They talked with the inspector about what work would be required in detail, including the additional costs for working on my steeply pitched roof. When the insurance estimate came in, Larkin agreed to do the work for that price. We discussed upgrades including a new roof vent and upgraded shingles, and I agreed to pay the difference in price for these. Scheduling was dependent on the weather, and when the right time came they delivered the new shingles to the roof on one day, and started the work the next day. Unfortunately mid-way through that day, an unanticipated storm came in. The team had removed shingles from the back of the house, so they quickly covered the area with a tarp and made arrangements to return as soon as the weather cleared. They completed the work in a timely fashion after that, and the new roof was beautiful. The workmen were respectful and neat, and cleaned up after themselves very well, which was impressive given the number of shingles that came down from the roof. Unfortunately I noticed some water damage to the ceiling in my living room, which turned out to have come in during the storm when part of the roof was unshingled. Larkin repaired the damage and repainted for no additional charge - willingly and apologetically. I highly recommend Larkin Remodelers. They were professional, courteous, and highly competent in doing this work for me. I will definitely contact them for any repair or remodeling needs I have in the future.
Falcon Roofing Inc
Award 2017Super Service Award
Recent Review: Falcon Roofing completed the best roofing and gutter repair that I have seen. I like others initially contacted one of the big roofing companies that is always advertising on the radio and other places. They came out to my house and after over an hour of “pressure sales tactics” they presented us with an outrageous price. My neighbor had used Falcon Roofing for his roof replacement in 2013 and recommended them to me. I contacted Falcon Roofing and Glenn (the owner) contacted me immediately and set up a time to come out and give me an estimate. During the inspection estimate it was noted that I had two layers of roofing on my house and also the decking was over 50 years old. I requested two estimates. One for the roofing and gutters and the second for replacing the roof, decking (plywood under the shingles) and gutters. Glenn’s estimate to just do the roofing and gutters was 1/3 of the price of the big roofing company. I decided to replace the decking due to it being over 50 years old and my home inspector had identified some water damaged areas. Glenn’s estimate for doing everything, all new gutters, decking and roofing was still less than ½ the price of what the other company quoted me to just do my roofing with a cheaper type shingle. Also they did not include the price for any decking replacement or other damage they may have found and said those would be “miscellaneous” charges. I got the estimate on Saturday from Falcon Roofing and accepted it. On the following Thursday, Glenn and his team showed up promptly at the designated time and within 2 days I had a brand new roof, gutters and decking. The team was very professional and their workmanship was top of the line. After the job was completed, the team thoroughly cleared all of the debris. I highly recommend Falcon Roofing for anyone who needs their roof or gutters repaired.
Roofing & More Inc
Recent Review: I called about an intermittent skylight leak and for a overall roof inspection.  Our roof is 25 years old and showing wear, but is a 50 year shingle that's been discontinued.  Aside from finding the leak and fixing it, I wanted to know when I'd have to replace the roof shingles.  The inspector came on time, was thorough, took lots of photos and gave me a fair evaluation of our existing roof.  He suggested a "tune-up" to fix cracked gaskets, reseal things that had hardened and chipped away, etc.  It was all clearly visible by the photos.  He also showed where a chimney crown had deteriorated and suggested replacement.  There was algae growth on some areas of the roof, which he said they could gently remove to prevent further deterioration of my shingles.   He told me with the tune-up done, I could expect at least another 5 years on the roof, maybe 8.  All costs were broken down and detailed. )Customer service reps called me before the appointment to make sure I knew who was coming and when, and to explain exactly what would take place when the work was performed and a good estimate for how long it would take.  The crew arrived on time, were very professional and completed the work in a timely manner.  They walked me through what they had done, problems they encountered (stains that couldn't be completely removed without further damage to my shingles) and told me to call with any problems.  They area was clean when they left.  I had follow up calls from customer service reps to make sure I was satisfied. I noticed more leaking from the skylight about 1 month after the work was done and called the office.  Repairmen came out the next day and spent another hour or so going over all areas around the skylight with sealant.  The office called me several times to make sure things were not leaking anymore and told me to call ASAP if it started again.  It's been 4 months and all is well. Professional job from the beginning to the end.  Excellent customer service.
American Home Inspection Service
Recent Review: Danny Patkus came out to complete a home inspection on a home I recently purchased.  Before he even came out to the appointment Danny wowed me with his flexibility and understanding when I needed to shift the appointment time because of the seller's delay in providing a signed contract.  He is professional, experienced, and most importantly, passionate about his job.  I felt like I had someone helping me who actually cared about my investment in this home.  Danny was candid with me about the reality of the fixes and even helped me to create a plan of attack when it came to making repairs.  During the home inspection he was thorough, honest, and punctual. He walked me through every thing he inspected and took the time to break things down for me when explaining because I am a first-time homebuyer.  It's already stressful going into a house you love to find out all of its flaws, but having Danny by my side helped me to walk away with a clear understanding of what I was getting into so that I could make the best decision.  He even went out of his way to remind me to call him if I ever had any questions down the road after I moved in and offered to come out again, if needed.  I'm not sure if that meant at no cost to me, but I'd be willing to pay again to have someone I trust fix my home. If you are looking for a home inspector that won't gloss over the reality of what you're walking into and genuinely cares about your investment, you should go with Danny.  He was worth every penny and I would have paid him more if I didn't have home repairs to make.
Home Works Home Inspection Services
Business Description: Providing residential home inspections. Please click on "Media" tab to view some of our inspections. Prior to becoming a home inspector, I owned and operated my own business as an exterior home contractor. I was appalled by poor workmanship both in original design and renovations while performing repairs on homes. Seeing lack of attention to details in designs , material use , and building structure motivated me to become a home inspector. My objective is to help my clients to make a sound decision based on my findings. Safety, sound structure, proper operation of the installed equipment, condition of the foundation, condition of roof are few to name when I perform my inspection. I am a private home inspector and work for the interest of my clients. I realize that purchase of a house is the most important investment for my clients. For that reason I will give my clients the best I can offer. The best reward for me is to know that my client has all the necessary information he or she needs in making the right decision.
Rebuild Inc
Recent Review: Our roof was leaking, so called for an estimate. They came and showed us where the roof needed work and gave us some options of what we could do, depending on how much we wanted to spend. They also gave us their honest recommendation. We didn't feel any pressure and really felt they were looking out for our best interests. We chose to go ahead and replace everything because we have known this would need to happen since we moved in 8 years ago (the home inspector at that time told us that we would need to do that soon). They dropped off roof samples and even made color recommendations since we asked. They came and did the whole job (we have a very long and steep roof) in one day and even came back to make sure everything was cleaned up (including taking a magnetic thing around our driveway to make sure no nails were left). They really did a thorough job, using quality materials.
Mid Atlantic Construction of Virginia Inc
Award 2017Super Service Award
Recent Review: First roof repair failed a roof inspection by a roofing inspector. Failed roof was removed and new roof was installed. Second roof failed roofing inspection by same roofing inspector. Minor roof issues were corrected by MAC. To the credit of MAC, they owned up to the faulty inspections and responded to my emails, text messages and telephone calls in a timely manner. Brian Newcomb, Dave Stroll and Tyler Grantz handled all issues and resolutions in a professional manner. One reason for the issues I encountered was the large volume of work they had to finish. In my community, they were the most prevalent roofing company.
Reviews of Local Roof Inspections
AAmerican Home Contractors Inc...
Excellent. Dennis Constantino was my inspector. Very thorough, professional. Very personable. Great value. Thank you Dennis!
- Timothy M....
AAmerican Home Contractors Inc...
Went well. Inspector identified issues with existing roof and made minor repairs.
- Gregory R....
AAmerican Home Contractors Inc...
Very well. Inspector was very knowledgeable and thorough.
- Emily F....
BAmerican Home Contractors Inc...
Conducted thorough roof tune up. However, attempted to use inspection to garner more business to replace roof by indicating roof shingles are damaged from excessive heat. There are no signs of "heat damage" and we have paid other home inspectors and roof companies to come out which disagree with this companies assessment.
- Michael D....
APond Roofing Co Inc...
Awesome. Pond had repaired parts of my roofing system after a tree fell on during a windstorm in 2012. After this winter's storms had me questioning whether a now thirteen-year-old roof was failing earlier than it should be, I arranged to have them inspect it for a quote. Their inspector arrived on time, inspected the roof thoroughly, and gave it a clean bill of health. He also told me signs of early roof failure, made recommendations on wind-resilient systems, and gave me an idea of the differences in costs.
- James M....
AWhiting Co...
The Whiting Company was the most responsive of the companies we contacted when we needed our roof to be replaced following a storm. Not only that, they were the cheapest AND offer 50 year-rated shingles! In addition, we had to delay the replacement twice due to 1) the insurance company inspector and 2) HOA approval; however, they were understanding and rescheduled accordingly. Additionally, they were able to come and tarp our roof, which we did not originally request, in order to comply with the insurance company's requirements. When we were finally able to complete the job, the team onsite did a fantastic job cleaning up, to the point you wouldn't even know they were there. Overall, we would hire them again and would strongly recommend them to others looking for roof repairs.
- Kyle P....
AS&K Roofing, Siding, and Windows...
I was selling a home and the home inspector for the buyer claimed that our skylights were installed improperly. The buyer was seeking thousands to have them replaced and I only had 2 days to investigate the issue. I called probably a dozen roofing companies and many said that they would not repair skylights (they would only replace them). Others weren't able to visit the home in the time required. S&K Roofing went out of their way to come over to take a look and explained that the home inspector was wrong. Although the skylights had tar around them, they were in fact installed correctly. They were even so good as to write this up for me and explain the issue so that I could send it to the buyers, which saved me thousands of dollars. I really appreciate S&K's work in making time for me. They could have just given me an estimate to replace them, but they were honest and told me that there was nothing to be done. S&K is a great company and I would definitely use them in the future.
- Ryan D....
AWillis Builders Inc...
Work started on target, and the entire project was finished within the agreed on time frame. County inspectors had no issues with construction at any point in the project - I work from home so talked with the inspector each time the inspector came by.  I made a number of changes during the project, including the attic storage area. Willis built out the attic to my direction, making changes as the project unfolded. my wife now calls the attic my 'elevated man cave'.  Willis workers were very professional, not disruptive to my family's routine; and always took the time to review the progress of the addition with me. The project total cost was around $70k, including all materials.
- Reed J....
ACertified Inc...
Certified did the job in a matter of weeks, rather than months later as proposed by all of the other estimators we dealt with. This was a big job (about 45 squares), and it started on-schedule and the new tiles look great. Javier, their in-house inspector, was very pleasant and fully addressed all of our questions and concerns.
- Jeanne C....
BAmerican Home Contractors Inc...
Once we got the inspector here he did a great job, but we were asked to reschedule the appointment 3 times.
- Brian B....

What is a Roof Certification Inspection?

A licensed roofer provides a certified statement of opinion that the roof is Federal Housing Administration (FHA) compliant and offers a three year life expectancy.

How Much Does It Cost?

Roof inspection costs range from free to around $200.

Knowing you have a good roof over your head is the only way to relax when you're at home, and you should follow these roof inspection hiring tips to get the best deal on your next inspection.

1. Beware of Storm Chasers

You're more likely to want to have your roof inspected after your area has been hit by a big storm, and roof inspectors are well aware of this fact. Reputable roof inspectors will stay away and wait for you to call them, but the con men of the roof inspection trade might knock on your door right after a storm. Be skeptical of roof inspection teams that come by your house in the wake of a storm; it's likely that they're "storm chasers," and they probably don't have your best interests at heart.

2. Get Multiple Bids

Don't jump at the first reasonable bid you receive. If you get multiple bids from different companies, you might be able to leverage these bids against each other to get a better deal. When you're offered estimates by roof inspection companies, make sure that you get them in writing. That way, you'll be able to cross-reference these bids at your leisure.

3. Ask for References

Reputable roof inspectors will have plenty of references from customers they've served in the past. Follow up with all of the referrals you receive, and then get a wider angle on an inspection company's reputation by checking their ratings in review sections found online.

How Often Should You Get An Inspection?

Many online sources recommend three years, however every five to ten years is appropriate.