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Reddick & Sons, Inc.
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Recent Review: Danny and his team were very responsive to my phone call, and they made my service a priority. He arrived on time and quickly began his diagnosis, explaining the system and the fault...and working toward a solution. Danny is a master plumber, electrician, and HVAC expert with very competitive rates. He's the best repair professional we've ever hired...and we are his customers for life!
M & M Mechanical Inc
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Recent Review: Great. The quality of the work was excellent. The employees spent a lot of extra time putting down tarps from my front door all the way down into the basement and up to the utility closet. They were early and very courteous. I would definitely use this company again.
JED Mechanical Contractors Inc
Recent Review: This was terrible. I engaged JED via American Home Shield (home warranty company). First appointment was scheduled and kept within two days. Plumber ascertained that the mixing valve was defective. They ordered one, I did not hear back for a week, I called them (they did not call me) and they informed me that the delay was due to them having ordered the wrong part. They should have called me... They were not sure when the correct part would come in. We presumptively scheduled an appointment for the following week as I was going to be away for a couple of weeks. They had to reschedule that appointment and came the next day (so, now two weeks without hot water). I was away, returned the following week on the coldest day in over 100 years in Washington and found (a) hot water was cold and (b) my heat did not work. So I spent a freezing night. I called their 'emergency' number five times and each time had to leave a message. The next day, our building manager ascertained that the plumber had turned off my heat. What an idiot - I can understand that he needed to turn it off in order to relieve the water pressure on the hot water system, but perhaps he could have remembered to turn it back on? After finally reaching JED the next day, and being told that the plumber was too busy to come that day (are you kidding me?), he returned the day after. As it turns out, he put the mixing valve on backwards. So, not only did it take three weeks to remedy my hot water problem, he left me worse off by turning off my heat and failing to know how to properly install the mixing valve. Run, do not walk, in the other direction from JED plumbing.
Air quality hvac llc
Business Description: please call us for all ur heating and cooling service need
Steinhorst Plumbing Inc
Recent Review: A professional home inspector recently advised me that my gas hot water heater was not installed to building code, and referred me to the installation manual. The exhaust vents are supposed to angle upwards ¼? per foot of pipe; mine angled very slightly downward. The heater was installed by Steinhorst Plumbing six years ago, replacing an existing heater that was nearing the end of its useful life. I decided to contact Steinhorst to see if they would be willing to fix it. I doubted that they would do it for free, since it had been six years, but was hoping at least to get a discount on the work. No work had been done on heater since it was installed, so it was clear to me that the installation had been faulty from the start. I spoke with Craig at Steinhorst, who initially said he would have to come out and look at it, and we set a time. Later that day, he called me back to say he had looked up the work ticket, and had photographs of the installation. He said the water heater had an automatic shutoff if it was not venting properly, and the fact that it had worked well for six years meant the installation was just fine, and they were not willing to do anything about it.  I asked if he was telling me that it was OK that the installation didn?t meet code, and he said yes. I said I didn?t agree with him, and asked what he recommended I do to get it fixed. He recommended not doing anything. He also said it wasn?t possible for them to fix it ? if I wanted it fixed, I would have to hire a chimney company to drill a new opening in the chimney.  He also complained about how difficult the installation was, based on the installers notes ? as if I should be grateful that they were able to do the installation at all. I was astonished that a fairly large and very long-established firm like Steinhorst would do work that did not meet building codes OR the manufacturer?s installation instructions, and even more astonished that they would try to convince me that it was perfectly OK to do so. After all, this is carbon monoxide we are talking about. (This was not a case of an older building being grandfathered to code that had changed since it was built). I have used them for 35 years for various plumbing repairs and they were always good (if a bit expensive), but this was the only time I had used them for anything related to gas. Not satisfied to leave this unresolved, I called Dawson?s Plumbing. Mr. Dawson was able to reconfigure the vent piping to gain the necessary rise within the existing chimney opening, for about $200.
Southern Home Improvements & Beyond, LLC
Business Description: Home Improvement specialist, providing a multitude of services to home owners across Northern Va at a fair price and quality in mind.
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AFairfax Electric, Plumbing & Gas...
After 30+ year old water heater began pouring out in basement, I quickly turned to Angie's list to find a grade A company to Repair Gas Water Heater.  I found 2 services that had over 100 reviews with overall grade of A.  First company I called and left my information and waited for call back.   2nd company was Fairfax Electric,Plumbing and Gas.   Explained this was an emergency, they asked for all my information and put me on hold while calling to see if they could fit me in today (same day).   Within minutes, they were back on the phone to explain, yes, they could fit me in the schedule, went over all the details of the cost, and that installers would call when they were 30 mins out from our home.  This call was at 1030.    The first company I tried returned my call to advise if they could perform the same service a half hour later - I explained I had already gone with another company. From the 1st phone call this morning to the installers, both were courteous,  prompt, and extremely professional. Actual service performed included emptying remaining water and removal of old water heater, installing new one and replace 2 new copper water lines, and replace some venting.  They arrived at 2 pm. and all actions complete at the time of this review which is now 4 p.m.   The cost quoted on phone was exact price of the invoice at completion (to include cost of the permit for later inspection of installation).   Additionally, this water heater came with a 3 year labor service warranty and 12 year manufacturers warranty.   Other company mentioned only offered 1 year service warranty.   This is by far the best service received in quite some time....truly reflect customer service and professionalism.  Something to be said for  company that knows what it does best and sticks to it.   A pleasure in writing this review.  Will definitely use this company again if needed.
- Debra L....
AThe Elite Service Plumber...
We called on a Friday and received prompt Saturday service for a gas leak that forced us to turn off gas to our house - no hot water for our family of 5. We appreciate the promptness of the service. We ended up replacing the water heater as well since it was >20 years old and going to . Replacing the hot water heater cost more than the estimate on (range from this site for our ZIP: 950-1200; actual cost from this plumber - $1695 - exclusive of Saturday service fee). The heater (AO 50 gal gas water heater) itself retails for $890 on I wasn't expecting the installation to be nearly as much as the heater. Aside from feeling like we may have been overcharged for the installation, we were pleased with the service.
- Mary A....
AW H Winegar & Son Plumbing and Heating...
I had difficulty finding a plumber who could come quickly to my house when my gas hot water heater stopped functioning.  It was very inconvenient not having hot water and the prospect of waiting for 3-4 days for a plumber was concerning.  After calling 6 plumbers on Angie's List, one who never returned my call, I contacted Mr. Winegar.  He scheduled an appointment for the next day between 1-4.  He called me around 11:45 am to say he could come early, but I needed 45 minutes to commute home from my place of employment.  Mr. Winegar arrived promptly at 1 pm, quickly determined the problem, and made the repairs within 30 minutes.  It was great that he accepted the Angie's List $25 coupon for first time customers.  Mr. Winegar took time to show me how to light the pilot, not an intuitive process on the model water heater that I purchased 3 years ago.  Overall, I found Mr. Winegar to be extremely professional.  I highly recommend him!
- Ann A....
AStang Plumbing...
Stang Plumbing sent their gas fitter/plumber, Josh, the very same morning I called.  We thought we would have to replace the water heater, but Josh quickly diagnosed a problem with one of the wires. Friendly, honest and professional!
- Mary A....