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ARemington Mulch
25 cubic yards of shredded bark mulch placed in two piles so as to not block garage access. Very skillful driver.
- Robert W....
AMA Cleaning & Landscaping Design Inc
Everything was delivered as noted in the listing. Timely and courteous. They even blew our back deck clean which was not part of the price.
- Bridget G....
FBudget Landscaping & Construction
It never happened. We heard from the owner, who set up a date with us. I asked him to let my husband know what time, he never did. The first appointment then got rained out and he tried to reschedule for a date that didn't work for us. When we tried to reach him to reschedule to a better date, we never heard back from him.
- Linda B....
FBudget Landscaping & Construction
Did not go at all. Nelson basically blew me off. Took more than a week to contact me first for a delivery date. He missed that one and then the next 2 delivery dates. It is now June 9 and I have no mulch on my garden and flower beds. Very unprofessional. This is not acceptable. I am asking for a refund next.
- Lee K....
FSaunders Landscape Supply
Not well.  My husband ordered 8 yds of mulch to be delivered today. Last night there were torrential rains and my yard flooded. I phone Saunders first thing, at 7:15am and left a message regarding our delivery. At 8:30am no one had returned my call. I phoned again and spoke with a man, who I am assuming was Mr Saunders. I explained that our yard was flooded, and asked if I could reschedule to the following week. He explained the difficulties of rescheduling because of the different distribution points that they use. I again asked if I could reschedule, emphasizing the condition of my yard, saying that my yard service could not even get to my yard. He said that he had had only one cancellation that morning due to weather. Also he stated  that this was like someone cancelling a doctors appointment at the last minute. He said he would cancel the delivery for $100 fee. So he was able to cancel if I paid him to do so, but not reschedule if I asked. I had no intentions of cancelling the order. He was condenscending and not customer orientated. Needless to say the conversation was not cordial and ended with me instructing him to deliver the mulch so that I did not incur the cancellation fee. I understand that he is running a business, but when you are dealing with an industry that can be influenced by the weather you have to make accommodations for your customers at times.  It is not about what is convenient to the supplier . We  are regular customers of Saunders, and have used them on many occasions in the past few years for different things. I would not use them again due to their inflexibility and attitude toward customer service - buyer beware!.
- Chris R....
FBudget Landscaping & Construction
I hate writing bad reviews but I would not want another customer purchasing a deal from this company and having the same experience. They may do great work when they eventually show up, but they severely lack in customer service and responsiveness. I purchased the $299.00 black mulch deal. I tried to schedule an appointment to have the mulch spread. I was initially given an appointment nearly a month later than I ordered. I asked if the mulch could be delivered sooner for personal reasons. I told him he didn't even have to spread it, just deliver it and I would spread it myself. Initially, Nelson indicated that they would try to accommodate me. He provided two dates a week or more ago. Didn't show up for either. Didn't respond to my emails. Didn't call to give me an alternate date. Has not reached out to me since. When I called and emailed to say I would just go ahead and accept the initial date, I got no response. Am now requesting a refund. I will just buy the bags of mulch and spread them myself.
- Karla B....
The entire delivery was full of pieces of torn up plastic bags and other refuse. We had paid top dollar for good quality mulch and received garbage. I called Betty's and was told that there was nothing they could do. I drove to the store and was told that there was nothing that could be done, but they appreciated that I let them know. HUH?  "Oh, our product stinks and you're unhappy? Well, we're not going to resolve your problem, but we do appreciate you letting us know..." I won't spend another dime with this company and I would warn anyone that is thinking about Betty's to RUN! RUN! RUN! Merrifields is only a mile down the road. 
- Gibney R....
BMCD Landscaping Services
No one showed on the first two dates I was told they would. It looks like decent mulch and they did a good job spreading when they did come.
- John R....
FBudget Landscaping & Construction
Purchased a pre-paid coupon for mulch delivery by this vendor. Wanted to have it delivered before Mother's Day (12 days after the order) but vendor not able to deliver by that date. Informed that it would be delivered on the 18th. Called vendor multiple times (voice mail full) only able to get an answer "once", started texting vendor - no replies other than delivery on the 18th. On the 18th, nothing. More texting and calls on the 19th and 20th of May. As of today, May 22, no answer. I'm contacting Angie's List for a refund and leaving negative feedback.
- Will R....
ASean's Yard Service LLC
Every year we sign a contract in the Spring indicating services that we anticipate and agreeing to the per hour labor charge.  They do a very professional job of keeping an eye on the ongoing needs of the yard as well as coordinating with our spring mulch delivery and fall leaf collection cycles.
- Maria O....
FCB GENERAL Services Llc
I selected several different times for the delivery and mulch spreading. The seller never called or emailed to confirm any of the times and just showed up. Fortunately I was home. The mulch was not a premium mulch per the description in the deal. Worse the seller was only offering 2 cubic yards (27 two cu ft bags) instead of the 3 cubic yards which should have been 41 two cubic ft bags (see any mulch calculator on the Internet) and what I paid for. Also the delivery person was telling the work that he was not going to do even though I did not ask him about doing anything other spreading mulch. Fortunately Angie's List addressed the issue to my satisfaction.
- Mark V....
AFlavio Domeneck Landscaping Inc
Overall expereince was great.  When the work was performed Flavio and his crew arrived on time, were polite and courteous, and picked up at the end of the workday (they were here for several days).  The workmanship on the fence is first rate, the new lawn looks great, and the walkway is fantastic. I would highly recommend Flavio Domeneck Landscaping Inc.  In fact, I have.  Flavio now helps my parents with their landscaping and tree services as well.
- Stefan R....

Mulch Delivery Services Near You

JK Enterprise Landscape Supply
Recent Review: Online ordering was easy. Price was reasonable. Delivered was on time.
Saunders Landscape Supply
Business Description: Saunders has been proudly offering landscaping materials available for bulk delivery to your home since 1994. We offer landscape supplies and materials delivery to the Northern VA and MD communities. Award wining. VIRGINIA 703-764-4831 MARYLAND 301-461-5687
MCD Landscaping Services
Recent Review: No one showed on the first two dates I was told they would. It looks like decent mulch and they did a good job spreading when they did come.
Remington Mulch
Recent Review: 25 cubic yards of shredded bark mulch placed in two piles so as to not block garage access. Very skillful driver.
MA Cleaning & Landscaping Design Inc
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: Everything was delivered as noted in the listing. Timely and courteous. They even blew our back deck clean which was not part of the price.
Brothers Lawn Service LLC
Business Description: We are a family owned business, have been in business for 8 years, we have about 6 employees.
Business Description: LICENSE # 2705 101580.
Budget Landscaping & Construction
Business Description: Budget Landscape construction Inc, we offer a variety of Mowing services, mulching, sod installation, yard grading, yard clearing, planting, sod installation, paver patios, retaining walls, dry stack stone, concrete work, veneers, flagstones, firepits, mailboxes, excavation and junk removal which caters to the needs of Washington DC, silver spring, Columbia, Ellicott city, and northern Virginia residents. For more information contact us today to schedule your appointment. Please note, when purchasing a Storefront or Big Deal offer, please contact us ahead of time to check date of next possible service.
Business Description: Betty's Azalea Ranch is a 16-acre garden center that offers complete landscape and hardscape design and installation services.