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Maids By the Bay Cleaning
Business Description: Why bother handling your own messy house when the experienced professionals can take over? With over 20 years of cleaning experience, we’re the right team to get the job done right. Family owned and operated.
Merry Maids of Annapolis
Recent Review: unknown
Annapolis Maids
Business Description: World class cleaning service based in Annapolis, MD with a high tech twist. Annapolis Maids makes finding a maid easier than ever, with fast, safe online booking!
Business Description: We are a small cleaning company with A LOT of experience.
Annapolis Maids
Business Description: Annapolis Maids is the easiest solution for your cleaning needs. We enable you to book online, instantly, at You'll be done in 60 seconds or less. Very few services offer that! Also, we confidently back our services with an unparalleled 200% guarantee. If you're not happy, we will return and re-clean for FREE.
morgan carpet-construction
Business Description: Morgan Carpet Construction is a family owned business since 1995.Proudly serving Newyork,Maryland,Virginia,North Carolina,South Carolina and Georgia.We provide highly skilled carpenters,floor installers,and drywall specialists.Services are paid upon completion.
Housekeeping Service Reviews Near You
ADuo Services...
Very well; all services requested were done promptly and very competently. The company brings their own supplies and makes sure that their services have been quickly and completely done. I continue to use this service.
- Ron O....
ASweep You Off Your Feet LLC...
Wonderful cleaning experience. will continue to use services! Everything was spotless. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a continuous maid!
- Megan P....
ALinda's Cleaning Service...
We hired Linda to clean our condo every other week. She has come only once thus far and did an outstanding job. Everything was left exactly as she found it and the house looks amazing :) We give her an A+++++ and recommend her highly.
- Janet P....
I am very pleased with them. The office always follows up with me to make sure I am happy. I normally get 2-3 girls here to clean. I think that they have reasonable prices. They are also very thorough and always do what I ask them to do. I do think that they do a very good job.  The girls always stay very concentrated on their work.
- Kathleen V....
We have used their service a couple times. and they were good
- Mary S....
AJCS Cleaning Service...
I have used Marry Maids in Elkton, MD and was not happy with their work. I did call TLC but they never called me back. I live in Cecil County and it's hard to get co's to come from Harford County to travel the distance but JCS was more than happy to do so and I have been very happy with their price and services.
- Julia V....
FBetter Maid...
In February 2012 I contacted the owner of Better Maid, Dave Kegley, and asked for my house key back and asked that they not return to my home.  One of the staff stole jewelry out of my dresser drawer while I was hospitalized November 2011 through mid Dec 2011.  I knew to check for this jewelry because it was in the newspaper about her arrest, with the time frames she was stealing and pawning what she stole.  I confirmed with Dave that she was sent to clean my home on three occasions, mid November through early December 2011.   After filing a police report, the detective contacted me back and recommended that I break ties with Better Maid, because he found that many of the staff were stealing from homes to support their drug habits, that there weren't controls in place with the employer to detect or stop these behaviors.  I heard it first hand so I don't feel I'm speaking out of turn about Better Maid.   Before you hire, definitely inquire about any background checks and ongoing drug testing that is done, getting anything in writing.  Having someone in your home and trusting them is not something to skimp on.  Incidently, Better Maid may carry bonding insurance but it never did repay us for the losses we incurred.  The paperwork they required from the Delaware court system for court cases against the Better Maid employee for cases not involving our theft were outrageous and they expected us to solicit the DE courts for all the paperwork and send it to them.  Ultimately even with the paperwork they refused to pay anything (we asked only for our insurance deductible back).     Please be careful...
- Cindy K....
ASparkles Cleaning Services...
The 2 girls were on time, very polite and friendly, very reasonably priced. Did an amazing job cleaning my house. I would recommend them to everyone who wants a housekeeper.
- Angela S....

Breaking down Housekeeping services

Housekeeping and maid services take on two different forms: an individual cleaner or a maid service company providing multiple cleaners.

Each type of service may charge different rates depending on the services provided. In general, housekeeping services involve the general cleaning of bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, basements, and sometimes pets and appliances through mopping, vacuuming, stain removal from floors and bathrooms, laundry services, and cleaning sinks.

Housekeeping & Maid Services Cost

  • Maid services cost an average of $166.

Companies may charge by the hour or by the square footage of the home. Expect to incur anywhere between $50-$90 for maid services, while square footage costs range at about $90 for homes under 1000 square feet.

The actual cost will depend on multiple factors - the final bill can lie between $160-$235.

Key factors that influence the cost include the following:

  • Number of rooms in the home - The more rooms, the higher the cost. This is because it may take more time to get to all the rooms, or the square footage cost may increase.
  • Number and size of bathrooms - Bathroom cleaning is the most involving and often costs more to clean.
  • Kitchen size and services required - Kitchen cleaning often involves the floors, dishes, kitchen appliances, and sometimes walls and cabinets.
  • Cleaning supplies used - Finally, the cleaning equipment that will be required for the job may also affect the final cost.
  • Doing cleaning chores can be very time consuming for the average family. In addition, families with kids and frequent visitors may have a hard time keeping up with dishes, vacuuming carpets, and doing laundry.