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The finished product exceeded my expectations! Solution Handymen is my #1 choice for handyman services.
- Marier C....
AJim the Handyman
He and his team are unmatched.  I adore the service I got from his and his team.  His wife handles the phone service in the office.  She schedules the appointment and they're always on time.  He provides the fair estimates.  He completes the work with absolute satisfaction.
- Judy L....
AHelping Hands Handyman Services LLC
Removed, successfully reused and reinstalled tiles in bathroom shower, saving me significant money. Had even one of the tiles broken in the course of replacing the damaged wall board, all the tiles would have had to be replaced. Also, removed and replaced surface boards, railings and steps on rear townhouse deck, and built a small, 4’ x 10’ ground level deck. Worked quickly, efficiently and cleaned up completely at the conclusion of both jobs. I have contacted with Nelson several times in the past. He does excellent work, reasonably priced and has been my go to handyman for twelve years, for good reason.
- Valerie K....
CGallagher Handyman on Demand
I spoke with a lady who sent wonderful handymen. Then the last time I used their service I had a negative experience, so I did not use them again.
- Elaine L....
CHandyman At Your Command
The handymen were very nice.  We ended up spending more than we wanted to.  They charged by the hour, and it took a lot longer than they thought it was going to.  They showed up on time.  They were very professional.  They were very delightful.
- Jennifer S....
AJW Home Improvement
JW was amazing.  Prompt service, knowledgeable and skilled handymen, and excellent customer service.  My new go-to for Handyman service.  I would absolutely recommend them again.
- Jeremy C....
DBill's Handyman Service
He called me back and lives very close to me. When I told him my issue was he said he wouldn't leave his house for less than $100. He wasn't listening to what I telling him. In the meantime I took the job over. I tried to tell him that I was looking for a new handyman to do work as it arouse, but still said no. He just did not respond and did not seem interested.
- Nancy B....
ANew Life Handyman Services
Mr. Nesbitt was pleasant to work with and did excellent work. The house painting turned out beautiful, the front of the house looks totally refreshed. He paid great attention to detail! He also installed closet doors that look great. He was able to work around our schedule to finish both the inside work and outside work in a timely fashion. I would definitely recommend him as a handyman and would hire him again.
- Richetta C....
BJW Home Improvement
That was fine, it was fine. They were fine they were good. I literally had probably an hour and forty five minutes worth of work for them and they offered to do whatever else and I said no, I think they did everything they needed to do and that was fine. They were just an handymen they were not an expert on anything but they were if you had someone has an handymen to call I guess it would be what you expect somebody who you call handyman.
- Vija U....
I have one handyman who I have used from here and he does different stuff for me like putting up shelves for my library. I recommend them because, they do detailed, conscientious work, they are professional and their price is fair. I rate them highly. I would use them again in the future if needed.
- Margaret C....
DH&M Services
The handyman did not show up for the scheduled appointment on May 19, which I had re-confirmed that morning.  The business owner called after the appointment time to tell me that his handyman's "cell phone--which had a GPS on it--had crashed."  I questioned that excuse since it is easy to get directions using Mapquest or other websites, and the handyman was in Silver Spring MD, which is very close to Washington, D.C.  (i.e., just up Wisconsin Avenue from my house). After much insistence on my part--one of the tasks I had for the handyman needed to be completed outside before the coming rain storms--the business owner agreed to send 2 handymen on May 20. On May 20, the business owner himself showed up with a handyman 2 hours late.  One of his arms was in a soft cast; thus, he was limited in the tasks he could perform.  He also spent time talking to his handyman and talking on his cell phone to his office while being "on the clock."  If he was not able to work at full capacity, he should have not charged for his time. In addition, when he arrived, he indicated that his business did not do masonry work (even patch work), yet no such exclusion appeared on the Living Social certificate, nor did the scheduler mention this when I explained the tasks I had for the handyman. He agreed to do the patch work but did a very poor job.  He claimed that it was supposed to look that way with the concrete mix I had provided, but I had masons perform the same tasks before with much better results (i.e., smoother finish). Overall, the service was very poor.  I would not recommend this provider to anyone.
- Jacqueline R....
DExpert Handyman & Remodeling
I was informed the price included 2 handymen to do a job (move/hang a shelf) that I had done personally myself without help in a shorter period of time.  I am NOT in anyway a handyman type.
- Brad D....
AMoss Building & Design
They have fabulous service and they arrived on time. They knew what they were doing regardless of the task. I highly recommended them for all of your handymen needs.
- Terry R....
BWillis Builders Inc
They sent two handymen with the intent that they each work one hour.  The first time didn't allow the customer to purchase additional supplies needed.  Leaving one handyman with idle time. When they left, as the customer I still had the problem.
- Mary G....
AAshburn Handyman and Remodelers LLC
Victore was fairly responsive after getting my message and gave me an estimate and arrange the repair date. However the tenant decided to do it himself after I provided the material. Thus I called Victor and canceled the appointment.
- David Z....
FHandyman Matters Of Frederick
I would never use them again. It was horrible and ridiculous. I called them and left a message and on Monday, I called them again. The owner said he was getting ready to call me back. I described exactly what needs to be done and wanted it done correctly. We scheduled a time for him to come and he insisted on coming the next morning. I planned to go to Home Depot to get some stuff, but I was running late. I found out the material I wanted is not available, but it was after hours. I left a message asking him not to send anyone out. The next morning someone came and I let them know I left a message and paid them the visit fee. I called the company and the representative yelled at me for not having work for the handyman they sent out. My husband got on the phone and told the rep to stop yelling. I gave him a check for coming out and he insisted that he at least caulk the door. I told him several times very politely that he can just leave. Finally, I hear banging and he was doing the job totally wrong. Now I am the one that has to undo what he did to my porch and the side of the house. They did not respect the customer. They insist doing it their own way. They don't know what they are doing. I asked other professionals and they all knew what they were supposed to do.
- J W....
AHelping Hands Handyman Services LLC
This is the kind of handyman I've been looking for; I've hired handymen with one or more of these qualities, but never one who has all of them until now.  Nelson does!  On-time, cheerful, organized, good communicator, flexible and optimistic, double checks everything, quality work, works fast, doesn't charge for travel, and at the end, a great price.  I will not need to look further for another handyman service as long as Nelson stays like this!
- Richard S....
ABurke Lumber DBA Fairfax Handyman Service
I did not use them before but would use them again.  He is surely a friendly guy.  The deal was for two hours of handymen service and I didn't think that the job would take that long.  So it didn't take him that long at all and he was just long gone and didn't even ask what else he can do for two hours.  He just did the one job that I initially contact him about.  But he did a fine job on that and in the process I learned how to do it next time.  I was thinking that it was for an hourly thing but I will use him again.
- Robert H....
AHandyman Connection of Rockville (MD)
I used him once before and he is working here again now. I believe he charges $85 hourly. They are professional, responsive and punctual. I could leave the handymen and trust that things would be done correctly.
- Brittany T....
AJW Home Improvement
They replaced the living room ceiling due to water damage Jesus and Fernando were a great team. I will need additional home improvements in the future and hope I can get this team Thanks a lot Job well done
- Cindy L....

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Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: They sent two handymen with the intent that they each work one hour.  The first time didn't allow the customer to purchase additional supplies needed.  Leaving one handyman with idle time. When they left, as the customer I still had the problem.
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: We were very pleased with the work S & J recently completed in our home. The team were very professional, respectful, and completed the work as expected. It's amazing what a little paint and updated fixtures can do and we're so happy with the final result. We'll definitely have the team back to do some additional work.
angies list certifiedAngie's List Certified
Award 2019Super Service Award
offers couponOffers Coupon
Recent Review: JW was amazing.  Prompt service, knowledgeable and skilled handymen, and excellent customer service.  My new go-to for Handyman service.  I would absolutely recommend them again.
angies list certifiedAngie's List Certified
Award 2019Super Service Award
offers couponOffers Coupon
Recent Review: The company was professional and one that our horrible HOA is OK with. The salesman told me the company president is a neighbor or friend of the HOA president. They delivered exactly what they promised which I appreciated however they were extremely expensive and I believe I was given a slight discount for being an Angie's List member. They left a sign in my yard advertising their business but when I called with a question they couldn't answer it because they sub-contracted the job. The house looks much better and the salesman was helpful choosing a matching color but there is one thin piece of wood that sits under the eves the whole circumference of the house and it was not replaced. I wish I had known I was facing this when all was said and done. I might have just done one more round of painting which a handyman could do.....made it last a few more years. It looks great but I still have to pay a handyman to paint that one thin piece all the way around the house. I know when a company sub-contracts you never get the same care. That fact would have made a difference in my decision as well. I suppose fault lies with me for not doing enough research but it would have been nice if the experts had pointed it out.
angies list certifiedAngie's List Certified
Award 2019Super Service Award
offers couponOffers Coupon
Recent Review: They are very reliable and always respond to my calls. They answer all my questions well and they show up on time for the appointment. They keep me in the loop if they have to delay a project due to the weather. Two people came out to replace the skylights and it took about 3-4 hours to complete. They follow up to make sure I am satisfied with their work.
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: Work was performed in a quality manner.
angies list certifiedAngie's List Certified
Award 2019Super Service Award
offers couponOffers Coupon
Business Description: 2018 Super Service Award Winner in Roofing, Siding, Gutters, and Skylights! Pond Roofing Company is a family-owned and operated business serving Northern Virginia residents for over 50 years. We have been consistently named one of the top companies in the Washington, D.C. area. Our mission is to provide outstanding customer service and focus on client satisfaction. Let us help you with your exterior needs. Award winning. Senior and Military Discounts.
angies list certifiedAngie's List Certified
Award 2019Super Service Award
offers couponOffers Coupon
Recent Review: This is the second time they have been out (previously for another job/quote) and I am really happy with the company. They are honest and fare and do quality work. They are quick, but thorough. They arrived at my home at the scheduled time, calling 20 minutes before they arrived, gave me a quote, went and got materials, and did the work all within 4 hours. I was impressed, especially since this job was quoted to charge by the hour. They took precautions with the surrounding work areas and cleaned up well after they were done. I will definitely be calling them for most all of my household needs as they seem to have different departments to handle most all homeowners needs. If all the departments work the way the handyman's department does I feel confident I won't need to use any other company. What is nice is they sent the same team who came out previously, so I already knew who to expect. Also, the lady scheduling the appointment remembered me from last time I scheduled. It is nice to feel like you are not just another project.
angies list certifiedAngie's List Certified
offers couponOffers Coupon
Recent Review: The handyman, Charlie, was polite, businesslike and efficient. His craftsmanship was quite good and color match perfectly. Micheal and Son provides Handyman Service in addition to plumbing and electrical. I was advised in advance that they have a minimum charge of $150 for handyman work. This job cost $350 including materials and labor. All in all I was very satisfied. It looks like it should work fine but we haven't had a hard rain yet to test it.
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: A handyman from another company looked at our roof and told us we had issues with some of our shingles and even wanted to recommend someone he knew to fix it.  I called Shanco because I wanted an evaluation.  Brad came over and he was knowledgeable and professional. He said at this time we don't need any work done and gave us and idea of how many more years we'd get out of our roof.  I would definitely use them for future work!

How to find the best handymen near me?

This page has free grades and reviews on handymen companies near you - contact the best and avoid the rest.

What can a handyman help complete? What are nearby handyman services?

There are many projects in your home a handyman can help complete, from fixing a broken door to carrying out home renovations. Common handyman tasks:

  • Ceiling repairs such as fixing cracks and chipped paint.
  • Carpentry such as making wooden chairs, tables, door frames, etc.
  • Basic floor repairs: a handyman can repair flooring materials such as tiles, skirting and hardwood.
  • Window repair: chipped or broken windows and frames in various parts of the home.
  • Furniture repairs such as cabinets, shelves, couches, etc.
  • Plumbing: a very common service of handymen, but some maybe more focused on carpentry.
  • Cleaning, power washing, gutter cleaning, garage cleaning and worksite cleaning.
  • Landscaping, tree trimming and lawn mowing.
  • Deck building, deck repair and other outdoor carpentry projects.
  • Painting, staining, drywall and other wall repairs.
  • Seasonal work such as snow removal and roof ice removal. 

How much do handymen near me cost?

Most handymen cost between $50 to $100 per hour. Seek three quotes to confirm your area's price point.

How much do handymen charge per hour?

Most homeowners spend an average of $83 per hour for handyman services. Seek three quote to confirm your area's price per hour.

The price paid for their services will largely depend on the scope of the project as well as the time it takes. Some jobs may take just a few hours to complete (such as fixing a leaking toilet). Other projects such as floor-repairs may take longer and thus cost more. Many longer term projects (such as a garage or basement renovation) are charged by total cost as opposed to by the hour. It is always a good idea to request a written estimate prior to beginning the job. Save on handyman costs by preparing the work area. Also ensure everything the handyman needs is accessible.

Can handymen do plumbing?

Yes - be sure to ask if they're licensed for plumbing work. While plumbing is a common handyman service, remember some handymen do not do plumbing.