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ACool Breeze Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning
It could not have gone better. Cool Breeze came in with an estimate $650 lower than well known competitor and cleaned the furnace as well as replaced the bleeder valves as well. Chris is a true professional with a pleasant demeanor.
- Thomas M....
AH & F Service Co
Great service! - H&F are honest and give you the best service you could ask for. Rather than take the easy route and charge me for a new inducer motor, they fixed the current one. I appreciate that they walked me through the problem and options to fix it. They were flexible on timing to arrive too which was great. I will use them again.
- Aaron A....
AAirflow Service Co
They came out to do an emergency service for us the day before Thanksgiving, and were able to get here in 30 min. The guy was very helpful, and said he was not the guy that would come out to do the final work on it, but he would be able to get it running for us for the holiday, and that the cetified technician would come out a few days later to do the final repair, which he did.
- Russell F....
ADon Hoffacker’s Air Conditioning & Heating
Woke up on a Saturday morning with no heat. Called them and they had a tech here within 3 hours. He diagnosed the problem quickly. Didn't have the replacement part in his truck, but had one in the shop. Returned within 20 minutes and fixed the problem.
- Brian S....
BGAC Services
OK. They charged for a service call in addition to the cost of the replacement part and installation. Other service providers waive the cost of the service call if you have them fix the problem on the spot.
- Eric W....
My furnace wasn't working during the blizzard. The technician came out when the streets were plowed and identified/corrected the problem, which was a faulty thermocouple for which they charged me $303 including the $98 fee just to show up. Al was goo or so I thought, my furnace went out a few days later. They were responsive and came out immediately but the technician (different from the first) said that I needed a new gas valve, new expansion tank, and new pressure relief valve at a cost of over $2200. I decided to investigate whether to get a new furnace or replace the faulty parts. I called my home warranty company to see if it was covered. They sent someone to look at it and within 2 mins determined that the new thermocouple wasn't tightened properly. He tightened it and the furnace has been working fine ever since. I called Sila to refund the service visit fee and they said they would but refund has still not posted after two weeks. So the reason for my poor rating is that the first technician didn't perform the repair correctly and the second technician didn't even try to troubleshoot the problem, but instead tried to sell me on more expensive, unnecessary repairs. So either they were incompetent or willfully trying to rip me off, or both. I went with Sila due to the good reviews on Angie's List but I will not do business with this provider again.
- Jaleel S....
ATuckers AC, Heating & Plumbing
Repaired promptly, provided info on warranty, and identified a missing piece in the duct work.  Very good, professional service.
- Joanna S....
ATuckers AC, Heating & Plumbing
Love these guys.  After going around and around with CroppMetcalfe, we finally found someone who could really fix the problem and not just try to sell us a new furnace.
- Deborah P....
AHarvey W Hottel Inc
He said my furnace is dying and will need replacement in the near future. Meanwhile it runs, for which I am grateful 
- Wc B....
FMichael & Son Svc Inc
Worst home repair service ever. The technician diagnosed the problem as requiring a new part from Carrier. 1 full week later plus 4 phone calls to customer service: no one at Michael and Son can tell me if the part has been ordered, or if they have any idea when they might have it, and also if they are even planning on coming back out (ever) to complete the repair. It's 36 degrees, still winter, no furnace, and no help from this company.
- Paul K....
AMathers Mechanical, LLC.
I called Tom after our furnace went out on the coldest night of the year.  He responded quickly and was at the house within 30 minutes.  He diagnosed the problem, picked up a replacement part and had the furnace fixed within 2 hours.  Saved us from another freezing night !
- David S....
AHarry Varvounis Heating & Air Conditioning
I've been working with Harry for nearly ten years. He is absolutely the best. A real master craftsman. For example,I recently called him about a furnace leak. He quickly diagnosed the problem and explained it to me (hoses with holes in them). He also showed me a circuit board that was water damaged and had rust in it. A replacement part would have cost over $300, but Harry was able to clean off the rust, dry it off with a hair dryer and put it back. The man is fair and honest, reliable and a true professional.
- Constantine S....
AIndoor Air Quality Medics
Great-Brandon arrived and within 5 minutes had the furnace running again. He stayed awhile to triple check the system. Nice to see Brandon back at IAQ, thank you for a job well done.
- Kristina R....
ABMC Clower Heating & Air Conditioning Inc
The install team and maintenance team did an outstanding job. Our furnace is working so much better and more efficiently this fall and winter. The inspection team had found that our furnace had been installed poorly and had a problem with shutting off before heatlng our home completely which caused frequent cycling of the unit. The install team corrected the problems and the furnace now looks like a professional did the installation. All of the service reps explained each problem and the resolution clearly to me. They all worked very hard and were polite and professional. I will continue to have BMC Clower inspect and service my furnace and air conditioner due to their excellent service techs.
- Paula M....
ABowman's Plumbing Heating AC & Electrical Inc
Our furnace stopped working one evening and the next day I called Bowman's to see if they could come out the same day. We had the pleasure of working with two exceptional employees. Dawn took my call and was professional and a joy to speak with. She addressed my concerns, was professional, and being the first contact with the company, she represented Bowman's well. Her attitude was refreshing and you can tell that she takes pride in what she does, just by how she communicates with customers. Dawn was able to schedule a technician to come to our home the same day. The next amazing employee was Eric the technician. Eric also had a great demeanor and just like Dawn, he also represented Bowman's well. Eric quickly found the problem, explained what our options were, and was able to temporarily get the furnace working till the part came in the next day. Also, he did a great job explaining what potentially may come up in the future, such as the phase out of Freon for our A/C and the options for replacement vs. repair. I was very impressed with his soft sell approach and consultative role vs. being pushy and he earned our trust. We appreciated his professionalism, so much so, that we will Bowman's for future maintenance and repair and when the time comes to replace our system. It was so refreshing to interact with two employees that were “anxious to serve” the customer and because of them we will absolutely use Bowman's again.
- Mark M....
I came home from work last night to find my furnace stopped working. I braved the night in a cold house, and called JDL first thing in the morning (they open at 7, which is great). They sent Iain and Xavier within an hour, and they quickly diagnosed the problem. They had to run to another job and get the needed replacement part for the furnace, but were back a couple hours later to finish. It took them maybe 20 minutes. We have heat again! Iain and Xavier were both very kind and courteous, and explained what the problem was and how to avoid it in the future. They also offered a service agreement that includes semi-annual HVAC inspection, which I purchased (and which gave me a discount on the repairs). Next time I have a heating/AC problem, I will absolutely contact JDL.
- Benjamin S....
AQuality Air & Heating Inc
Luis was professional and courteous, offering a detailed explanation of the problem. He's very knowledgeable and was able to explain the issue in a way that I could understand while still using technical language. I really appreciated him taking the extra time to be sure I understood the root cause so that I could make an informed decision about whether to repair or replace my unit. I will definitely be contracting this company for a future installation. Thoroughly impressed!
- Andrea R....
ABrooks Heating & Air
I've used BVSM for several years but I want to highlight my most recent experience and how they "saved the day" making a repair to the furnace in a home I was selling the very next day. The buyer was conducting a final review of all systems and the furnace was shutting off unexpectedly because I hadn't recently replaced the filter. BVSM responded to my "panicked" call and immediately showed up at the house and diagnosed and corrected the problem. They assured the buyers that there was nothing wrong with the furnace and the sale went through without issue. Their responsiveness and professionalism is unmatched in the HVAC business.
- John P....
AMike's Heating & Cooling Inc.
our furnace was not staying on and they were able to come very quickly and replaced a part that they had in the van, which successfully got it running again. we called first thing in the morning and the repair was done that morning.
- Kevin S....
Vince provided superb service! I called on Saturday and he was in the middle of another job, but answered the phone, determined a time he could come on Monday (today) and confirmed via email. My furnace was not working since Friday night and didn't seem to ignite (or if it came on again, it was only for a little while.) He called ahead to confirm the time he would arrive within the proposed time and arrived on time and provide his business card before he even entered the house. Vince determined the "real" issue immediately and came up with a solution that both fixed the problem and avoided a more costly repair! He also gave me advice on a few more things that could improve my HVAC situation in my house including what kinds of filters I should use and when to call him for my air conditioning unit maintenance. I would hire him again in a heartbeat. Very impressed with his professionalism and his work. Thanks, Vince! I'll be seeing you in the spring for my next service.
- Stephanie G....

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Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: I was able to get a next day appointment  to repair a furnace that kept cutting off. Joey arrived on time. He quickly diagnosed the problem and made the repair. He was professional and courteous. I will certainly use them again.
angies list certifiedAngie's List Certified
Award 2019Super Service Award
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Recent Review: Furnace wouldn't stay on - cycled on & off; house getting cold. Called Nugent and they got someone here.  We called late in the evening, and Technician came that same evening; we were very appreciative! Furnace fixed before he left; still working fine. The Technician was courteous, professional, friendly and helpful !  Highly recommended.
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: It could not have gone better. Cool Breeze came in with an estimate $650 lower than well known competitor and cleaned the furnace as well as replaced the bleeder valves as well. Chris is a true professional with a pleasant demeanor.
angies list certifiedAngie's List Certified
Award 2019Super Service Award
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Recent Review: Diagnosed and repaired quickly. Roy the technician was professional and knowledgable. He quickly identified the problem and made the repair. Very satisfied with service and the technician. Highly recommended.
angies list certifiedAngie's List Certified
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Business Description: Michael & Son is family owned & operated and has been servicing the Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC area for over 30 years. We take great pride in providing our customers with the highest quality plumbing services. Our professional and courteous staff are here to help you with whatever projects you need to get done.
Recent Review: It went very well! The first day the tech got my furnace running and the second he replaced the blower. It took him a total of 30 minutes to fix my issue. I am very impressed!
angies list certifiedAngie's List Certified
Award 2019Super Service Award
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Business Description: Mannix Heating and Cooling is a full service HVAC contractor with a location in Chantilly VA and Gaithersburg MD to serve you. We offer an extensive array of services designed to keep your heating and cooling equipment operating at peak efficiency through many years of reliable operation. We also provide water heater replacement, standby home generators and electrical panel replacements. For more information, please email
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: I am delighted at the speed and efficiency that I experienced with Tri-State, starting with the customer service rep who went the extra mile to keep me informed, but even more so with the knowledgable service technician who spotted the problem in an instant, and made the repair on the spot.   I highly recommend Tri-State for oil furnace repair work, and plan to use them again.   It's great to have heat!
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: We called Snell for an estimate as a second opinion since we were quoted an extremely high cost for repair and the other company stated it would be in our benefit to replace our system. Within three hours, Kevin was at our home. He assessed the problem and repaired it on the spot saving us hundreds of dollars! He was polite and courteous. We just want to say thank you to Kevin and Snell for saving us hundreds in unnecessary repairs.
angies list certifiedAngie's List Certified
Award 2019Super Service Award
offers couponOffers Coupon
Recent Review: Great-Brandon arrived and within 5 minutes had the furnace running again. He stayed awhile to triple check the system. Nice to see Brandon back at IAQ, thank you for a job well done.

A furnace is likely to undergo problems due to many different reasons.

Most common repair costs are incurred due to a poor maintenance routine by the homeowner. With regular maintenance, you can reduce the frequency of untimely repairs. Here are some common repairs that may need to be carried out on your furnace.

Replacing dirty filters

Dirty filters often block the flow of air and make the furnace less efficient. These filters often need to be cleaned and replaced as necessary.

Replacing dysfunctional parts

The most common furnace repair cost is incurred due to parts that break down. Dysfunctional parts occur due to wear and tear, the furnace being overworked, or poor maintenance.

Thermostat repair

Thermostats may experience several problems over time, such as a blown fuse, inaccurate temperature control, and loose wiring.

How much does furnace repair near me cost?

For most homeowners, their furnace repair cost lies at about $270 on average.

Actual cost will vary depending on the specific problem that needs to be fixed. For example, replacing an entire compressor unit will cost more ($500 to $700), while simply cleaning the air filters will cost less (as low as $50 for basic cleaning).

The amount paid will also largely depend on the contractor. Develop relationships with local contractors and enjoy discounted repair costs and comprehensive maintenance that prevents costly damages to your furnace.

Keep repair costs down by regularly changing air filters, keeping ducts clean, and checking thermostats often.

As durable as furnaces are, they are susceptible to downtime. Therefore, it’s important to know how to estimate your furnace repair cost so you can budget for any untimely emergencies.