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Wooden fences are organic products. Over time, the wood cells on the top surface age and turn grey. This in turn makes your fences appear old and worn out.

To restore the look of your fence, fence repair companies can carry out a number of maintenance steps.

These steps are aimed at restoring the glow and appearance of your fences and surrounding structures.  

1. Using a power washer

Power washing is one of the most effective ways of restoring a faded fence. While some homeowners can clean their fences using a power washer, leaving the work to a professional is the best course of action.

Power washers need to be correctly set so they remove dirt and grime without damaging your wood. The key to this delicate balance is to use the correct spray tip, application technique, and pressure levels. The optimal power washer pressure should be between 1500-2000 psi, and spray tips of between 15-25 degrees.

With these settings, fence repair companies ensure that your wood is restored to its original glow.

2. Repairing damaged fencing panels

Fence restoration is not just about removing dirt and grime. Damaged panels also need to be repaired so as to ensure structural integrity. Fencing contractors can inspect your structure for any damage and repair/replace panels as necessary.

3. Staining

Fence repair methods also involve proper staining of the fence itself. Staining preserves the natural color of your wooden fence and seals the wood from further damage. Fencing contractors can help you select the right stains for your specific structure. Quality stains protect your fence by containing UV inhibitors and colors that best resemble your structure’s natural appearance.

By using relevant fence repair methods, a contractor can remove dead wood cells, repair damaged panels, and add a fresh stain that makes the fence look as good as new.