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AArmored Pest Svc
Mike and Dave from Armored Pest Services are very professional and run a very reliable exterminating company. We have used them for every kind of pest and for several years. They are prompt and effective. Armored responds to calls usually within minutes. We have annual exterminating contracts with them for several of our properties and have even hired them to exterminate apartments where the on-site exterminating is ineffective. They have solved those problems also. We highly recommend Armored Pest Services.
- A. O....
AAmerican Pest
We contacted American Pest for termite extermination. We also signed on for their annual pest extermination which gets rid of all bugs, pests etc. They were prompt in their response to our request for service and when a follow up visit was needed, they arrived on time. Overall we are pleased with their service. I listed n/a for quality because it has been too short of a time to tell if the extermination worked (though, we have no reason to believe it hasn't worked).
- Jenna B....
ASouthern Pest Control
- Delma D....
AHome Paramount Pest
Absolutely wonderful. Home Paramount Pest has been coming to my home every 2-3 months for several years now. My regular service rep is Felix and he has done an amazing job of ridding my home of pests. He is friendly and personable and does a top notch job of helping me keep my home the way I like it. Terrific company - they always give me advance notice of my service dates and are always there when I need them.
- Virginia R....
ACapitol Pest
Top notch! I would highly recommend Capitol Pest. They are great with customers and go above and beyond in their scope of service.
- Meg C....
ABulwark Exterminating San Antonio
The initial treatment from Bulwark Exterminating - San Antonio consisted of a technician spraying the interior and exterior of the house.  Most of the subsequent treatments consisted of only spraying the exterior.  However, in between one treatment, a Bulwark Exterminating - San Antonio technician needed to come re-treat the interior of the house because bugs were getting inside.  Once that re-treatment happen, there were no more bugs noticed.  Also, I want to note that carpenter bees were nesting in our patio area.  Technicians from Bulwark Exterminating - San Antonio came three times before the bees were removed completely.  Every time, I have called Bulwark Exterminating - San Antonio a representative was glad to help.  To ensure the matter was resolved timely, Bulwark Exterminating - San Antonio had a technician at my house on the same day or the following.  Bulwark Exterminating - San Antonio has provided outstanding service and their technicians are always prompt, professional and knowledgeable.
- Maryanne F....
AW E Freeman & Son Pest Control
I called Mr.Freeman on Tuesday morning after seeing a few roaches in my house.  He was able to come out at 7:30am the following day.  I showed him where I had seen the disgusting bugs both outside and inside the house.  He looked all over the house and front and back yard and explained to me where they could be breeding and where they could be entering the house.  He even pulled out my stove and refridgerator and showed me a huge gap in the floor that should have been sealed off when the house was built but never was.  I asked him if he could complete the work that day, and he said that was fine, but he had to go to Home Depot and buy insulation.  He came back quickly and sealed the gap with both wire and foam insulation (he said that the foam was best because I had also had a few mice coming in the house, and they are unable to chew through this).  In addition to pulling out the stove and fridge, he unhooked the dishwasher, pulled it out, and sealed behind it and under the sink.  He then thorougly sprayed the front and back areas of the house, and dusted the cracks around the interior pocket doors of my home where I had seen one crawling. He was done everything by about 10:30am.  I felt that he did a thorough job, answered my questions, and was very knowledgable.  He was also professional and cleaned up well.  I hope I won't need him again, but since I live in a DC rowhouse, I probably will :(.  He said to contact him right away if I see any more inside or outside and he would come spray again. The total cost was $266.  This seemed reasonable, but I don't have anything to compare it to.
- Courtney M....
AReal Property Management PROS
Excellent. Lydia coordinated with the exterminator and myself (as owner) to identify the problem and resolve the issues with pest/bird infestation. Lydia quickly resolved to issue to my complete satisfaction.
- Ed Y....
ADestroy Pest Control
Fine so far, they sent an email stating they were on their way, and arrived at the agreed upon time. The rep left his card with instructions to contact him should we need anything between now and the next quarterly visit. The service has not yet been completed as I purchased a year's worth of services, this was the first visit.
- Jeanne M....
DAffordable Pest LLC
I've been using affordable pest for the past year to provide pest control at a rental property.  They have no-showed their appointments 3 times in the last 4 months.  Switching to a different service provider now.
- Deborah S....
CAlpha Pest Management
The service was performed after several failed coordinating attempts due to inaccurate contact information the company had on about me on file. After they performed the service they attempted to bill me a recurring charge for a service I did not agree to. When I tried to clarify this up the company was not responsive and to this date has not returned my calls but I have not paid and no further service was rendered beyond an initial visit. I would not hire again.
- Karen M....
AAmerican Pest
Very well. The company is very friendly and responsive. Their prices seem to be very reasonable, and they always seem to be successful in whatever pest is being exterminated.
- John U....
ADestroy Pest Control more pests! I was thoroughly impressed with the services. Mr. Murray was professional, punctual, and knowledgeable about prevention. He provided tips to avoid future issues. I have referred this company many times to both family and friends!
- Makisha W....
APestNow LLC
exterminator came over to assess the situation in our house early that morning.  placed bait stations where we had pest evidence.  the appointment was seamless.  exterminator was very pleasant, and professional.    he sprayed the perimeter of the house for other pests.  total appointment took roughly 45-60 minutes.  We signed up for the quarterly treatment program.  We will definitely use them again.
- Michelle B....
AAmerican Pest
I have an annual contract I purchased via Angie's List's deals a couple of years ago and then I renewed it. That was the $200 deal, but then it came up for renewal and so I am on my second year. They are very proactive in living. If am not going to be there they can schedule an additional time. I have never needed them in the house; I basically just want the prelaminar of the house taken care of, which they have done and I continue not to have any pests. So, as far as I cantell, they are successful.
- Laurel C....
AAmerican Pest
We have entered into a service contract with Greenstar pest control.  They initially came to our door after we first moved in, and we decided to give them a try.  Their technicians are top notch and some of the most pleasant people we've met.  They are very courteous and responsive to our needs.  Outside of our normal maintenance, they are always willing to come back for free followups if any bugs happen to get in the house.  I highly recommend them.
- Robert R....
AMontgomery Pest Control
They were so responsive and helpful. They talked through my fears of the chemicals as a Mom with a young child. They took care of the problem immediately. I haven't seen any pests in well over three months. They were also right on time- as a matter of fact about 10 minutes early. I would definitely use them again.
- Beatrice H....
APest Management Services Inc
I have been using these guys for a while now and finally decided to write a review. Pest Management Services (PMSI) did for me in in just 3 months what another company could not do in 1 1/2 years. When I moved into my new house everything seemed fine. But then they showed their ugly heads. Roaches!! I hate them with a passion!! (Who doesn't i guess) I called those other guys and over 1 1/2 years I saw no change. They just kept telling me "it will come, it just takes time"  I won't say the name of the company but it started with the letter t and it is very much commercially known.  PMSI came on the scene and in just 3 months I noticed a NIGHT and DAY difference in the number of bugs i was seeing. I was COMPLETELY blown away.   Fast forward about 2 years, My problem is completely gone now and I still have them on retainer ( because at any time it could happen again or someone could accidentally bring them in.) The only (very slight) negative is sometimes they don't come exactly when they say. It may be a day or so later or earlier.  But to be honest, my feeling is that's a small issue to even worry about given the problem I had.   When they do show up they are always pleasant and courteous. From the first phone call, to the first house visit and even to this day. They have not dropped thier standards. I would HIGHLY recommend them if you have any kind of pest problem.
- Anthony M....
AEnvironmental Pest Control
It went great the technician did amazing job, differently recommended Environmental Pest Control, thank you for all your help.
- April S....
AComplete Pest Solutions
I highly recommend Complete Pest Solutions. Oscar made us feel at ease from the very first visit. He asked us to describe what we had seen and heard in the house. Oscar had us follow him while shining his flashlight along the baseboard of each room, pointing out possible mice entry ways. He patiently moved items in order to do thorough inspections. Also under sinks, attic space, outside crawl space and yard. Oscar expertly advised on how to close the entry ways and treatments for inside and outside. After a few visits we are very pleased to be rodent free and educated. A few years ago we used a nationally known company. They never provided the top quality service that Oscar provided. Trust me, you will not go wrong using Complete Pest Solutions.
- Rita J....

Pest Control Services Near You

PestNow LLC
angies list certifiedAngie's List Certified
Award 2019Super Service Award
offers couponOffers Coupon
Recent Review: Services performed eliminated my pest problems. This is a service I'll like use annually.
Century Termite & Pest
Recent Review: They do a good job. They come when they say they will. They are professional and friendly.
Waltham Pest Control
Recent Review: Waltham Pest have been our exterminators for 15 years. Very professional and trust worthy company.
Conquest Pest Solutions
Recent Review: The technician, Alex, came out to my house and spent about 7 hours sealing up holes and putting out traps. He also vacuumed, cleaned and sanitized in incredible detail. He was phenomenal, thorough and knowledgeable. He kept me informed all along the way and was fun to be around. He was personable, friendly and paid attention to detail; he was great. I have already recommended him.
Rick Ricker Termite & Pest Control Inc
Recent Review: Rick Ricker is a professional and hard working pest control company. The exterminator spent 5 hours treating my property. If you see any pests after treatment they will come back out for free. I will definitely continue using Rick Ricker for all my pest control needs.
Corky's Pest Control
Recent Review: It's hard to really comment on that because I really didn't interact with anyone. They listed up the appointment online. They showed up just as I was wishing and they left this invoice showing what they did ot what they say they did so, I don't know if they actually did it or not. I guess the experience, I would give an A because it was very easy. The only thing I would say is, I mean I have really have no way of knowing if they really completely covered all the area around the house like they said they did or around the landscaping, I don't know.
Real Property Management PROS
angies list certifiedAngie's List Certified
Award 2019Super Service Award
offers couponOffers Coupon
Recent Review: Excellent. Lydia coordinated with the exterminator and myself (as owner) to identify the problem and resolve the issues with pest/bird infestation. Lydia quickly resolved to issue to my complete satisfaction.
Green Pest Solutions
Recent Review: Perfectly. Green Pest was very professional and due to the infestation we needed two treatments, they did the second treatment at no cost. They actually arrived earlier than expected which was a good thing! I would recommend Green Pest to anyone who asks.
Capitol Pest
Recent Review: The extermination went off very well.  They came out quickly.
Recent Review: We call a lot of people and they not high, they're not low they're about right in the middle but the thing is the expertise of these people are extremely good.

Pest control isn't a task that any homeowner should take on without nearby help.

Professional pest control services know how to get rid of those pesky critters, but it's easy to end up with a company that's just as annoying as the average pest if the following tips on how to hire for pest control aren't followed:

1. Ask about treatment methods and IPM practices

Homeowners who are concerned about the potential health impact of chemical pesticides should ask pest removal companies about the methods they use. The best companies use EPA-approved Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices.

2. Ensure that they're properly licensed in your area

The right pest control company will be properly licensed by the relevant state regulatory body. The National Pesticide Information Center's List of State Agencies can help you find the relevant state contacts.

3. Read the fine print

Many pest control services near you will provide a low introductory rate but try to rope homeowners into annual contracts. Ask about any terms and conditions of service to avoid getting roped in.

Prevention can also be a good idea, if it's not too late:

  • Keep trash cans secured & covered
  • Keep compost and firewood away from structures
  • Find & remove pools of water
  • Keep an eye on storage for rodents & bugs
  • Consider cleanliness 1st with pantries & food cabinets
  • Roof vents & chimney caps should work & not be damaged
  • Clean & maintain your gutters

Following these tips will help prevent most rodents and bug issues around the house. If these do not work and you do need a pest control company, consider getting three quotes or estimates to ensure a competitive price in your nearby area.

Exterminator resources for homeowners

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