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Computers have become essential tools for people of all walks of life. However, like all machines, computers are susceptible to common issues that may warrant repair.

Common computer repair issues cover both hardware and software, and they apply to laptops, desktops, tablets, and notebooks. Each repair process will come with its associated cost.

Preparing for computer repairs

Most machine owners pay between $50-$70 for common repairs such as hard drive formatting, virus removal, or hardware-related issues. You may also have to pay $30-$40 more for pickup/delivery services as well as diagnosis.

Data recovery services can cost several hundred dollars, depending on the size of your hard drive. There are also many warranties and insurance policies that cover (wholly or partially) the cost of computer repairs. Make sure a repair service provides a clear and detailed billing structure to make it easier to track repair costs.

Common repair issues:

  • Application or Screen Freeze – Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, start your task manager and/or reboot before calling in a pro. This could be just a glitch with an application or with the operating system.
  • Issues with Your Internet Service Provider – there are several free tools online to help you find if the promised speed and performance is a reality.
  • Failure of Your Hard Drive – Be sure you back up your valuable data to avoid losing everything.
  • Slow Applications – typically a memory, power or bad application issue. You might need more than the 2G typical with Windows systems.
  • Malware, Viruses & Malicious Code – enough said. You are familiar. Be careful what you open and download.
  • Microsoft Windows STOP Error aka The Blue Screen of Death – be sure to capture the error code displayed. This is typically a hardware problem.
  • Microsoft Windows DLL & .NET Framework Missing Files – essentially your operating system is missing critical files for dealing with applications. Call in a pro.