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the inner workings of a baby grand piano
Piano Tuning & Musical Instrument RepairPiano Movers
Why does my piano need regular tuning? How often should it be tuned? An Orlando-area piano tuner explains the benefits of regular piano tuning.
piano keyboard
Piano Tuning & Musical Instrument RepairPiano Movers
Piano maintenance and cleaning are key to keeping your keyboard in perfect playing condition.
Moving company employees loading a moving truck
DIY MovingPiano Movers
Consider these tips to minimize risk on a DIY move.
piano keys
Piano MoversPiano Tuning & Musical Instrument Repair
Are you looking for a high quality used piano? It's the cheap ones that will truly cost you.
When experiencing an unknown vibration, the piano owner should examine the lamp, picture frame or any other nearby objects that may be causing the problem, says Kafig. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Joanna H. of Baltimore)
Piano Tuning & Musical Instrument RepairPiano Movers
Some DIY piano tuning tips on solving three common problems.