Whole house surge protectors are designed to divert excess voltage from your home and are a great way to protect your home, says DeJoseph. (Photo courtesy of Tim Donovan)
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Are you protected from power surges? It takes more than a power strip. One highly rated provider explains what it takes to protect your home from power surges.
AFCI circuit breaker panel
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Are arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) worth the cost? Short answer: Absolutely.
Modern ceiling fan with rubbed bronze hardware and dark wood blades on off-white ceiling
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Want to know how to install a ceiling fan remote? Follow these six steps.
electrician working on light switch
In addition to checking out an electrical company's trade license, experts advise homeowners to verify that the person doing your job received proper training.
lightning rods atop old home with metal roof
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Ever wondered about the purpose of a lightning rod — that pointy pole on some roofs?