Landscaping is like the dressing on a salad. It's okay without it, but really adds a lot to it when done well.  Having a professional landscaper manage your lawn and yard can really make the difference between an okay lawn with decent grass coverage and a really great one with a thick lush yard.   It's not always smart to go with the first landscaper near you that you find, but rather get at least 3 estimates from various professionals that can help you evaluate the process.

Whether it's putting in new edging, adding river rock, or hardscape features, a professional landscaper will be able to provide the right tools and materials to make sure the lawn and yard are well maintained.

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Composting allows you to turn leftovers into nutrient-rich soil fertilizer, but it's not a catchall form of disposal! If you put the wrong items inside your compost bin, you'll wind up attracting unwanted pests and potentially hurting your plants!

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Lawn Care & Fertilizers
Dear Angie: What’s the best type of grass to grow where I live? – Sarah D. of El Paso, Texas
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Noticing small areas of dying grass in an otherwise healthy yard? There are numerous possible causes. Top-rated lawn pros offer a list and details.
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Lawn Care & Fertilizers

Different turfs require different levels of fertilizer at different times of the year. If your goal is a lush expanse of emerald green grass, knowing what nutrients to give it and when will help you succeed. Here’s what you need to know, step-by-step:

Lawn Care & Fertilizers

Water can become scarce throughout the country during the warm summer months, when droughts are common.